The Ford government is retroactively changing a la

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The Ford government is retroactively changing a law to pave the way for a development on wetland in Pickering | CBC News - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

The Ford government is proposing a retroactive change to provincial law to clear the way for a controversial development project on a protected wetland.Outdoor dining spaces?

The change in legislation was tabled by the government Thursday as part of an unrelated bill about expanding broadband internet in rural areasa city program in which streets are closed to traffic to allow people to walk.

The amendments to Ontario’s Planning Act would nullify a key clause that_kevindonovan?limits the scope of ministerial zoning orders (MZOs):1620041926894,, a powerful toolHawaii become?that helps fast-track developments by overridingAdults living i?local zoning rulesA weekend ban on inter-city transport has been extended until mid-April.

CBC News has obtained an internal document that shows the government is making the change specifically to undermine a lawsuit that aims to halt a development on the Lower Duffins Creek wetland in Pickeringseomodifieddate.

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