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Emerson machinery: non standard customization and selection skills of chain conveyor

chain plate is widely used in the transportation industry because of its heavy bearing, long service life and other advantages. As a customer in use, he knows a lot about the chain plate conveyor, but the new customer who recently purchased the chain plate conveyor that is used too frequently may not know the steps to choose it, and he does not know the key parameters of the chain plate conveyor, so he can't use the money in the end. So what are the keys to buying chain conveyor

(1) chain quality: choose chain plates of different materials for materials with different components

(2) the thickness and pitch of chain plate are directly proportional to the volume and weight of transported materials

(3) the conveying speed is in direct proportion to the conveying volume, which is generally 1.5 times of the conveying volume

1. Due to the impact of soaring vanadium price on the cost of vanadium battery, the use environment of chain plate conveyor is different, so they are all made in a non-standard way. Is there a conventional model of non-standard chain plate conveyor? Danyang Emerson machinery gives you a brief introduction. In fact, non-standard chain plate conveyors also have conventional models. Generally speaking, bending chain plate conveyors are used for the transportation of products with high density and large volume; The products with high density and small volume are transported by chain conveyor; The products with low density and high speed are transported by flat top chain conveyor. The conventional width of these chain conveyor is 200mm ~ 1000mm; The conventional speed is 0 ~ 15 m/min; The conventional length is 2 ~ 30 meters

the chain conveyor in the conveying link should first be matched with the main one, and it should also be suitable for personnel walking, product conveying and beautiful site. Therefore, when designing the chain conveyor, we must carry out on-site measurement, and set the reason according to the on-site equipment layout and environmental size: counting the chain conveyor

it is not suitable to pursue the conveying capacity alone in the design of chain conveyor. It should be properly designed according to the site conditions. Only normal width, height and length can ensure safe transportation. The width of chain conveyor is 500mm ~ 1800mm; Height < 1500mm; The length should be less than 30000mm

due to different working environments, the length and width of the chain conveyor are different, so the chain conveyor is customized. When customizing chain plate conveyor, we must not ignore the noteworthy places, such as chain plate thickness, chain plate pitch, conveyor speed, conveyor power, and body strength. Because the method: the thickness and material of the new friction ring plate are related to the weight and composition of the transported materials, the pitch is related to the model, the speed of the chain plate conveyor is related to the output, and the power, body strength and conveying weight are related. The chain plate conveyor can be customized only after paying attention to these matters and calculating the corresponding parameters

there are many models of chain conveyor, and different models of chain conveyor also have differences in function and price. For example, hinge chain conveyor is more suitable for the transportation of small bulk materials, while bridge chain conveyor is more suitable for the transportation of large volume and density materials, and flat top chain conveyor is even different. It is suitable for the transportation of light weight and fast packaging assembly line. Therefore, when choosing the chain conveyor (), customers must correctly choose the chain conveyor according to their own conveying environment and material characteristics

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