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Shanying paper's Nordic paper was listed in Sweden and became the first Swedish IPO with Chinese controlling shareholder. Release date: Source: Shanying international, etc.

on October 22, on the third anniversary of Shanying paper's merger and acquisition of Nordic paper, Nordic paper was successfully listed on the NASDAQ OMX exchange in Stockholm, Sweden, with the stock code npaper. This is the first Swedish IPO with Chinese controlling shareholders; It is also the first Swedish IPO involving Chinese investment banks

on that day, the stock opened at SEK 42.785 and finally closed at SEK 41.405

on behalf of all members of Shanying international, Mr. Wu Mingwu, chairman of Shanying International Holding Co., Ltd., extended his warmest congratulations on the listing of Nordic paper and issued a passionate congratulatory letter

Nordic paper has been deeply involved in the European market for a long time, focusing on the subdivision of oil proof paper and kraft paper. Its output and market share in the European oil proof paper industry rank first. Its kraft paper products have high technical barriers, and are widely used in food, construction, chemical and other sub industries

Shanying paper sold 34.1235 million shares of Nordic paper indirectly held by it in the process of this spin off and listing of Nordic paper, with a total sale price of SEK 1.467 billion. Plus the dividends of SEK 950 million received this time, a total of SEK 2.417 billion was recovered, equivalent to about 1.837 billion yuan. If the over allotment right is fully exercised, the company will also recover an additional 220million SEK

after this spin off and listing, Shanying paper indirectly holds 49% equity of Nordic paper. According to the provisions of the accounting standards for business enterprises, the company calculates that the sale of Nordic paper will eventually achieve a strong industrial chain. The expected increase in equity is about 1billion yuan, and the company's debt ratio will effectively decline. After the sale of Nordic paper's equity, Shanying paper's financial strength has been further strengthened and the company's capital structure has been further improved

since Shanying acquired Nordic paper, Shanying has adopted the board management mode for Nordic paper, fully respected the operation autonomy of Nordic paper team, fault analysis: zero is too low, and actively cooperated with Nordic paper business development. After the merger, Nordic paper has achieved remarkable performance. As of June 30, 2020, it has contributed a net profit of SEK 1.004 billion for shanyinggong since the plastic restriction order was implemented on June 1, 2008

Shanying obtained a total of SEK 2.667 billion through this equity transfer and previous dividends of Nordic paper, which has exceeded SEK 2.4 billion for the acquisition of Nordic paper equity. The listing price of Nordic paper is SEK 43/share, and the 100% equity value is SEK 2.877 billion. Measured by the net assets on June 30, 2020, the above equity value has completely covered the net assets and goodwill of Nordic paper, and there is basically no risk of goodwill impairment, further improving the asset quality of Shanying

Shanying paper said that the successful listing of Nordic paper is a successful practice for the company to use the overseas capital market to promote enterprise development. At the same time, it has accumulated rich experience for the company in overseas enterprise management, cultural integration, listing and financing. After the separation and listing of Nordic paper, the main products of Nordic paper as a listed company group will be the replacement of imported can body and can cover materials, double zero aluminum foil blanks for packaging and electronics, anodized materials for mobile phones and notebook computers, and transportation aluminum materials for automobiles and ships. Its business, assets, finance and other aspects are independent of Shanying paper. Shanying paper will exercise its shareholders' rights in accordance with the law, fully respect and maintain the listing status of Nordic paper, and continue to support Nordic paper to become bigger and stronger

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