Norgren launched a new locking cylinder series

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Norgren launched a new locking cylinder series

Shanghai, China. On November 12, 2013, Norgren, the world's leading manufacturer in the field of motion and fluid control technology, recently launched a new efficient and durable locking cylinder series suitable for the rail transit industry. This series of products can meet all the functional control requirements of locking accurately to 0.1mm with only one valve. It can absolutely lock the cylinder and fix the load in the appropriate position no matter in case of system air pressure loss or equipment failure. Relying on Norgren's leading technology and industry expertise, the new locking cylinder series can meet the ultra-high demand of the rail transit industry for efficiency and safety, and help realize the reliable operation of rail transit

the locking cylinder we provide is based on rich technical experience and professional knowledge. Norgren has always worked closely with customers. We understand their needs and make the products with different cylinder diameters under development more widely used. Mark Wrigley, head of Norgren rail transit industry, explained that by customizing solutions for customers, we learned that Norgren products need to ensure customers have faster speed, higher productivity, reliability and efficiency. With the increasing development of China's rail transit industry, Norgren has an accurate grasp of the lifeline and trends of the industry with more than 30 years of mature technical experience and market awareness. The locking cylinder series launched this time can fully meet the demands of the local market and customers on safety, efficiency and other aspects

in terms of safety, Norgren provides a heavy-duty cylinder equipped with a latch and a manual control lever. When the cylinder runs to the left and right ends, Norgren's compact modular product can lock the cylinder mechanically and quickly. In addition, when the system pressure decreases or the equipment fails, they can safely and reliably control the load in the appropriate position, effectively ensuring the normal operation of the equipment

in terms of efficiency, the new Norgren locking cylinder can meet all locking function control requirements with only one valve. Usually, to move the load to the specified position by an actuator, at least another device is needed, but the size of the sample in hand has a device to lock the cylinder in a fixed position. Such operation means that a large number of control valves are required. The new Norgren locking cylinder discards the cumbersome use of control valves, and only one valve is needed to meet the control requirements of all functions. This innovative technology reduces the number, space, weight and installation time of components used, thus providing engineering advantages and easier maintenance

the newly launched locking cylinder can be combined with Norgren NFPA, 1000 and ISO/VDMA 8000 Series. The optional sizes include 5, 6, 32 mm, 40 mm, 125 mm and 200 mm. We can assemble the ISO ra/8000 series integrated latch to the specially modified cylinder end cover without changing the overall dimensions of the cylinder, so that ISO ra/8000 has all the functions of locking the cylinder, so it can be used with other iso/vdma cylinders. If necessary, the latch also has a knob or threaded shaft to manually operate the unlocking cylinder, which may be relatively strange. We also provide connectors, pipes, control valves, air handling equipment and integral control cabinets. Mark Wrigley added

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