No5 BASF, the world's top ten paint brands

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World's top ten paint brands No.5 BASF

world's top ten paint brands No.5 BASF

January 21, 2010

[China paint information] BASF paint company

P.O. Box 48165, Munster, Germany

: +49 2501 140

Fax: +49 2501 143373

SF - coating China has launched 226 intelligent manufacturing comprehensive standardization experiment verification and new mode utilization projects

SF -

key figures:

paint as group sales 5%

coating sales 4.009 billion euros

employees 98000

Europe 40%

America 33%

Asia Pacific 27%

sales growth:

paint line Industry:

2009 + 7.7%; 2008 +5.4%; +6.7% in 2006

key development:

* the number increased by 4%, the investment increased by 1%, the price decreased by 2%, and the currency fell by 3%

* the growth of operating income was significantly higher than the rise in raw material prices and the negative impact of exchange rates

* BASF Coatings Co., Ltd. without oxidation furnace was established as a joint venture to acquire BASF coatings Japan Co., Ltd

* AkzoNobel and BASF formed a joint venture to acquire BASF coatings, and coil coatings and Nabel SA jointly invested in Spain

key figures:

Pierre montney, President and CEO of BASF Group paint department; Lai michaelb undertook more than 80% of the research and development tasks of new materials for national defense and military industry in China's metallurgical industry. Lyle, vice president of automotive coatings group; Christopher Hansen, vice president of touch up paint group; George, vice president of industrial coatings group; Goerck, vice president of decorative coatings

main market areas:

automotive OEM 50%, touch up paint 25%, industry 15%, decoration (South America) 10%

BASF's innovation in three aspects:

* the results of product innovation improve the characteristics and technology of products

* process innovation improves the efficiency of customers' coating processes

* market innovation, consulting solutions and e-commerce are widely used in the automotive touch up paint and industrial coating industries. The system of establishing partnership includes material management and inventory management. 2. The provincial new material industry innovation and development working conference and the provincial new material industry development symposium were held before and after. Internal batching production and external logistics were carried out according to customer orders, and inbound trucks were inspected, color management, materials and process monitoring were carried out


BASF Group has four strategic guidelines:

* premium of capital cost

* help customers achieve greater success

* build the best team in the industry

* ensure sustainable development

BASF coatings' strategy focuses on multinational profit growth based on global innovation concepts and methods, and is open to major capital expenditures and acquisitions to supplement its portfolio. BASF paint plans to further increase its sales and operating income. This is to expand its markets in Eastern Europe and China, restructure industrial coatings, and improve the efficiency of business departments in various regions. Headquarters in China: BASF (China) Co., Ltd.:+

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