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Hefei Power Plant No.3 dcs+deh thermal control integration transformation

the equipment used in the transformation of Hefei Power Plant No.3 DCS system is Beijing Hollysys 3. If it is found that the MACS distribution of the operating mechanism is not only simplified the cumbersome alligator measurement and control system. The goal of this transformation is to complete the startup, shutdown, normal operation and accident handling of unit 3 in the central control room. The scope of this transformation includes: Unit Coordinated Control System (CCS); Boiler furnace safety monitoring system (FSSS); Sequence control system (SCS); Data acquisition system (DAS); Turbine data electrohydraulic control system (DEH); Turbine monitoring instrument (TSI); Turbine emergency trip system (ETS); Operation monitoring and signal system (ETS) of generator transformer unit and auxiliary power; Satellite timing system (GPS); Communication system with excitation; Communication system with plant management system (MIS). The physical measurement points of this transformation are about 2500 points. This transformation only retains the following conventional operation and monitoring equipment: emergency stop button, emergency boiler stop button, emergency generator stop button, emergency water discharge and air exhaust button, emergency start button of DC lubricating oil pump, drum electric contact water level gauge, drum water level industrial TV. Conventional thermal signals are not retained in this transformation. The time of this transformation is that esacomp focuses on the initial design stage and detailed design elements from December 25th, 2000 to February 15th, 2001, 50 calendar days. The engineering and technical personnel of Hefei Power Plant have done a lot of meticulous work and participated in the whole process of equipment selection, measuring point substation, scheme design, algorithm configuration, dynamic and static commissioning, etc

2. Application of MACS system in Hefei Power Plant Unit 3

(1) system hardware configuration

▲ 8 sets of field control stations, of which 2 sets of steam turbines complete the control of turbine side system; One set of electric regulator is used to control the speed and load of steam turbine, and also to complete the function of steam turbine protection; One set of electrical equipment is used to complete the operation and monitoring of generator transformer unit and auxiliary power switch and the function of central signal; There are 4 sets of boilers, one of which completes the control of fire protection, and the other three complete the control of boiler air and smoke system, pulverizing system and steam water system

▲ a set of remote i/o station, which completes the function of the original 893 front-end acquisition host

▲ two servers (redundant configuration) to complete the functions of historical data management and system loading

▲ one engineer station to complete system configuration debugging and lower installation

▲ there are 6 operator stations, including one electrical, two steam turbines, two boilers, and one large screen projection monitoring

▲ there are two sets of communication stations, one of which is the communication with generator excitation and the other with plant management MIS

▲ GPS system is used for satellite timing of the whole system

(2) system network configuration

▲ the first level control is composed of PROFIBUS DP in the field control station, which is used for the exchange of data in the station

▲ the second layer system, located between i/o stations and between i/o stations and servers, is 100M Ethernet, which is used for data exchange between i/o stations and between i/o stations and servers

▲ the third layer of management, located between the operator station (engineer station) and the server, is 100M Ethernet, which is used for data exchange between the operator station and the server

(3) principle of measuring point substation

the substation reconstructed this time does not adopt the principle of substation according to function, but adopts the principle of giving consideration to substation according to process system and function. This substation has the advantages of less measuring points and less reference between stations

(4) the control function realizes

● Das part

completes the display and alarm of parameters and equipment status, historical curve recording, accident recall, report printing and other functions

● CCS part

▲ unit coordination control system

▲ drum water level regulation system

▲ air temperature regulation system

▲ air supply regulation system

▲ induced draft regulation system

however, whether such inclusions can meet the requirements of engine oil is clear to everyone ▲ primary air pressure regulation system

▲ combustion regulation system

▲ deaerator water level regulation system

▲ deaerator pressure regulating system

▲ shaft plus water level regulation system

▲ low pressure heater water level regulation system

▲ high pressure heater water level regulation system

▲ condenser water level regulation system

● SCS part

▲ complete the manual operation function of all equipment

▲ complete the functions of unit interlocking, including boiler size interlocking, pulverizing system interlocking, working standby interconnection, low parameter joint startup standby and other functions

▲ complete the functions of auxiliary machine protection, including coal mill oil pressure protection, drum water level protection, feed pump oil pressure protection, generator water cut-off protection and other functions

▲ complete the sequential start and stop control function of main auxiliary machines

● FSSS part

▲ completes the function of furnace safety monitoring and protection

▲ complete the measurement of primary and secondary air speed and primary air pulverized coal concentration

● ECS part

▲ complete the operation and monitoring of high and low voltage switches of generator transformer unit and auxiliary power system

▲ complete the function of switch operation locking

▲ complete the function of central signal alarm

● DEH part

▲ complete the control of speed and load

▲ complete overspeed test, valve activity test, valve tightness test, etc

▲ complete 103% and 110% overspeed protection functions

● ETS part

▲ completes the function of emergency protection tripping of steam turbine

3. Transformation features of No. 3 DCS of Hefei Power Plant:

● the layout of the central control room adopts the information center environment centered on the large screen, remove the original metal panel and vertical screen, remove a large number of conventional instruments and operating switches, and remove all thermal signals. With the improvement of automation level, information centralization in the layout of centralized control room in the reconstruction of old plants is the development trend

● because Macs system has strong openness and compatibility, PLC supporting DP protocol can be used as a module of i/o station, so ETS is implemented in DCS system in this transformation

● take 893 device as a DCS station, directly set and configure the 893 front end on the engineer station, remove the original 893 host, and increase all front ends from one card to three cards, which not only improves the reliability, but also makes the use very simple

● alarm of equipment and operating parameters is an important function of unit operation. In this transformation, various forms of equipment and parameter alarm are adopted to meet the various needs of different posts under different working conditions. The forms of this transformation alarm include equipment failure and parameter out of limit discoloration and flash on the display, alarm list, analog conventional light plate, doze alarm, and active light plate

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