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Technical safety measures for excavation, support, waterproof and drainage, and mechanical operation

I. technical safety measures for tunnel excavation construction

① slope cutting at the portal should be carried out in strict accordance with the requirements of lighting excavation. It is strictly forbidden to work up and down at the same time, and the reinforcement and drainage of slope and berm should be done at the same time

② when entering the tunnel, the surrounding rock of the tunnel face must be identified, and the tunnel opening can be excavated only after confirming its stability or taking measures

③ a protective shed with a length of not less than 5m shall be set at the tunnel entrance along the line in the direction of the experiment

④ organize the construction in strict accordance with the excavation construction scheme, and truly achieve "short excavation, strong support, fast closure, frequent measurement" to ensure the safety of the project

⑤ after each shot, effective ventilation must be carried out first, and "knocking on the top" must be carried out immediately to remove pumice stones, so as to prevent stone debris from falling and injuring people during the construction of the next process

⑥ when carrying out safety treatment in the tunnel, someone must monitor and observe the dynamic of dangerous rocks at any time

⑦ in case of collapse, roof fall or sidewall slippage, the technical room must analyze the causes and formulate corresponding technical measures before organizing treatment

⑧ when the tunnel excavation construction and overhead supply construction are operated in parallel, the effective distance shall be strictly controlled according to the construction scheme

⑨ tunnel excavation and shotcrete anchor construction must ensure effective technical interval to ensure safety

⑩ when arranging production tasks, the operation team leader must coordinate the construction collocation between the operation teams to avoid contradictions

⑾ carefully perform the team safety self inspection and team handover inspection, and make inspection records

II. Safety technical measures for tunnel shotcrete anchor support construction

① after blasting, effective ventilation should be carried out in the tunnel to reduce the dust concentration of the working face to the safety standard

② before operation, carefully check whether the working face is "topping" and whether dangerous rocks are treated; Whether the scaffold (multi-function scaffold) is secure and how about the protective facilities; Whether the lighting is good; Whether the location and condition of machines and equipment are safe

③ the sprayer must work with a certificate

④ strictly abide by the safety operation procedures of the ejector

⑤ the materials, machines and tools on the working surface must require the environmental conditions provided by the environmental experimental equipment to be repeatable. The equipment must be placed scientifically and reasonably without interference with each other, so as to ensure that the steel needs 0.8 US dollars in case of accidents (1) the personnel evacuation road is unblocked

⑥ organically combine the safety inspection of the working face with the quality inspection, and strictly check the quality of the shotcrete anchor, such as: the thickness of the shotcrete layer, whether there is falling off and deformation, and the requirements of the depth, angle, quantity, spacing and pullout resistance of the anchor

⑦ strictly control the grouting wind pressure of mortar anchor rod to prevent accidents caused by rapid changes in wind pressure

⑧ the grouting pipe shall be closely connected without bending

⑨ someone must check the stability of surrounding rock at any time during the whole process of shotcrete anchor construction to prevent external collapse accidents

III. safety technical measures for tunnel waterproof and drainage construction, otherwise the actual normal force will be affected. F

① the construction will be carried out in strict accordance with the design principle of "prevention first, multiple lines of defense, combination of rigid and flexible, and multiple lines of defense" for structural waterproof

② if the groundwater overflowed on the excavation face affects the shotcrete anchor construction, the method of "blocking" and "diversion" shall be adopted

③ fully consider the shrinkage stress and deformation cracking of the secondary lining waterproof concrete (focus on controlling the hydration heat of the concrete, the internal and external temperature difference, reducing the aggregate content, the length of one-time pouring concrete, etc.) to avoid the leakage caused by cracks in the lining structure

④ carefully deal with the "three seams" of the structure

⑤ for the tunnel constructed on the reverse slope, centrifugal pump shall be used to discharge the sewage in the tunnel, and the facilities shall be reasonably designed and arranged to ensure the effectiveness of the drainage system

IV. technical safety measures for tunnel machinery operation

1. Technical safety measures for excavation, loading and transportation

1.1 technical safety measures for excavator mucking

1.1.1 step up

(1) assign a special person (Foreman) to be responsible for commanding, and use gestures to ensure that the operator understands and stands at a position where the driver is easy to watch

(2) the personnel who repair the whole section of the pedestal on the upper step shall stand at a position no less than 2m away from the pickpocket and be commanded by the foreman

(3) during mucking, it is forbidden for people to walk up and down, and when necessary, walk from the other side of the bucket

(4) when raking the arch foot positions on both sides, strictly prevent the arch foot of the erected arch from loosening

(5) ensure sufficient lighting and good line of sight in the working environment

(6) the equipment should have good braking performance. No one is allowed to stand within the working radius, especially the rotation should be well controlled. Inspection and maintenance shall be carried out after each operation cycle to ensure the integrity of the equipment

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