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Technical safety measures for the use and operation of suspended supports

the operators of suspended hydraulic supports must undergo special training, be familiar with the performance and structural principle of suspended hydraulic supports and the hydraulic control system, be familiar with the technical safety measures for the use and operation of supports, be able to maintain suspended hydraulic supports according to the intact standard, understand the roof management method and working face operation procedures, and be qualified after training and examination and work with certificates

grasp the reasonable height of the support: 2 2 meters. When the actual mining height of the working face does not meet the above requirements, it should be reported to the team leader and measures should be taken before moving the frame. The extension length of the mechanical extension of each column in the support should be consistent, and its movable column travel should ensure that the support is not "crushed"

the valve group and column used by the support are not allowed to be disassembled and inspected underground, but can be replaced as a whole. Before replacement, the cylinder block shall be shortened as far as possible, and the dust cap shall be put on the joint as soon as possible

all kinds of spare hydraulic hoses, valve groups, hydraulic cylinders, pipe joints, etc. must be sealed with special plugs and cleaned with lotion during replacement. When the testing machine is regularly checked and revised

and the rubber hose and hydraulic parts of the valve group are replaced, it is only allowed to be carried out under the "no pressure" state. And no one is allowed in front of the liquid outlet

it is not allowed to dismantle and adjust the safety valve on the support at will

the suspense hydraulic support worker should master eight operation essentials during operation, so as to be fast, uniform, sufficient, correct, straight, stable, strict and clean, namely:

(1) various operations should be fast

(2) the frame moving speed should be uniform

(3) the frame moving step should comply with the provisions of the operating procedures

(4) the position of the support should be positive, and the scattered micro cracks will form macro cracks after gathering and communication. Do not frame

(5) each group of supports should be arranged in a straight line

(6) the supports and scraper conveyors should be stable and reliable

(7) the contact between the top beam and the top plate should be tight without leaving gaps

(8), coal, gangue Clean up the coal dust

the water for emulsion requires that the water quality is clean and free of sundries and impurities. The pump operator should stick to his post, often check the water quality, and add water supply 134 ceramic wall and floor tile adhesive for filtration. Otherwise, due to water quality and sundries blocking the hydraulic valve or pipeline, it is easy to cause the valve body to leak and fail at night, overturn the column and overturn the frame to hurt people

qualified emulsified oil must be used, and the proportioning concentration should not be less than 3%. The emulsion should be sufficient. 296 mineral wool for thermal insulation and its products should not be less than half a box. If they are missing, they should be replenished in time. At the same time, it is required that they should not be cleaned once a month. The filter of the inlet and return pipeline should be cleaned once a shift by the hydraulic maintenance worker on duty

when starting the pump and the main stop valve, carefully check the connection conditions of each pipeline, connector and U-card to prevent sudden pressure from hurting people. Before and after each pressure stop, the operator should be as far away from the connection connector as possible

the pressure of hydraulic pump station shall not be less than 25MPa

at work, check whether all the control valve handles of the working face support are in the middle position. If they are all in the middle position, open the main hydraulic stop valve

before each shift, the working state of the hydraulic prop should be checked, and the invalid leakage valve, column and pipe should be replaced in time

when opening the main stop valve, it must be ordered by the shift leader, who will issue the order after arranging to check the zero position of all handles in the face

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