Safety technical measures for top tank dumping and

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Safety technical measures for muck dumping and transportation of the top tank of the second level roadway

when sending the tank from the extended slope bottom to the third level slope head, the method of extending the slope bottom and then transferring at the triangle roadway to the top tank of the third level slope head must be adopted, but the following points must be achieved

1. The number of cans pulled each time shall not exceed 20

2. When reversing from the triangle lane to the tank on the top of the third horizontal slope, the coachman should walk, keep a safety clearance of 0.5m from the mine car, and walk in front of the tank, but not in the center of the aisle. According to the roadway, track and personnel in front, command the locomotive top tank timely and accurately

3. The driver should concentrate on driving, and the speed should be controlled within 3m/s. When the tank is topped, the speed should be controlled within 1.5m/s, and start and stop in time according to the signal instructions

4. When topping the tank, it must be connected well between tanks and between tanks and locomotives

5. The driver and the attendant must operate the locomotive correctly according to the operating procedures and post system of this type of work

6. After pulling the tank from the three level slope head to the extended slope bottom, the method of throwing the tank after 1 Dan of material is crushed (if necessary) must be achieved:

1) each time before throwing the tank to the extended slope bottom, contact the hook worker at the extended slope bottom first, and throw the tank after confirming that there is no work here

2) the driver should pedal the turnout quickly and accurately, and the Chinese side should participate in the cooperation with Mongolia, adhere to the principle of mutual benefit and win-win results, and leave the road for more than 500mm to prevent accidents caused by materials and equipment in the tank hanging on the body

3) clean up the debris and materials scattered on the turnout after each tank throwing

4) the vehicle speed should be kept below 3m/s when throwing cans

have their own ideas about various technologies of the experimental machine. 7. When the driver stops, he must pull the brake tightly and get off after the car stops stably, but he must not turn off the lights

8. Other unmentioned matters shall be carried out in strict accordance with the operating procedures of electric locomotive drivers and relevant procedures and measures

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