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Safety technical measures for transporting large items in a coal mine

first, when transporting large items, the dispatching room shall notify the transportation department, electromechanical department, safety supervision office and transportation team in advance. Before transportation, the transportation department, electromechanical department, safety supervision office and dispatching room shall send special personnel to be responsible for the safety of the main inclined shaft transportation at the main inclined shaft site, and the safety of other transportation lines shall be borne by the transportation team

II. Transportation route

determine the best route according to the destination to be reached

III. transportation mode

the main inclined shaft is transported by jk-3/30e winch, and the steel wire rope is 6v*18+nf; The rope diameter is 36mm. It has been many years since jwb-8/1.2 Jinan assaying was used in the production of experimental machines in the industry for South Rail Transit. 7 endless rope winches are used for transportation, and the rope diameter is 21.5mm; Other places are transported by jd-40kw, jd-25kw, jd-11.4kw winches, 18.5mm wire rope is used for jd-40kw winch and jd-25kw winch, and 15.5mm wire rope is used for jd-11.4kw winch

IV. equipment fixation and connection

before using the three ton flatbed truck to transport the equipment, you must first check the integrity of the vehicle, and it is strictly prohibited to use the incomplete vehicle, and then use the 15.5mm steel wire rope to fix the equipment firmly on the vehicle, and then use the rails, hooks, wedges, etc. to back the equipment tightly, which must not be too high, too wide, and eccentric load is strictly prohibited

the three ton flatbed truck should use matching pins and three links. When using the chain, it should not be lower than sgb-22 chain. The specification is? 4*50mm (the breaking force is 23t)

v. equipment transportation

1. When transporting equipment, strictly follow the number of trailers specified on the winch plate (only one trailer is allowed for overweight and oversized parts at a time) and use the safety rope. When reversing the coupler head, it is necessary to often check the binding of the equipment and the connection of vehicles, and stop the transportation for handling if any abnormality is found

3. In the process of transportation, once the vehicle falls off the road and touches the lane side, pipeline and other unsafe hazards are found, the transportation should be stopped immediately, and the transportation can be continued only after the hazards are eliminated

4. Handling of road falling accident: after the vehicle falls off the road, it is strictly forbidden to use the winch to pull and reset. Use chain block or jack with lifting tonnage equivalent to the actual load to go on the road. The lifting height shall not exceed 150mm each time. After lifting, use track wood with good weather resistance, heat aging resistance, oil resistance, chemical resistance, cold resistance, flame retardancy, twists and cracks resistance to pad and stabilize it. It is strictly forbidden to go on the road manually

5. When the inclined lane falls off the road, it is strictly forbidden to remove the three links of the train and the hook head of the safety rope; At the same time, the winch driver must tighten the brake handle and shall not leave the operation post. Special personnel shall be assigned to guard under the slope and the parking lot. When handling the off road accident, the car stopper (iron horse) and other facilities to prevent sports cars must be set under the off road vehicle

5. Handling of rollover accident: after the vehicle overturns, it is necessary to use the chain fall to cooperate with the top chute to deal with it. First, hang the mouth of 630 slide frog on the top of the roadway, and then use the top chute to lift the top bracket. Do not hang it on the original roadway support, and lock it with a lock. Then hang one end of the chain fall on the mouth of 630 slide frog, and the other end is tied to the bracket. Two people pull the chain fall to lift the bracket, and two people use the top chute to lift the top bracket, There should also be a guardian. During the operation, the fulcrum of the top chute shall be constantly changed until the support is finally lifted onto the track. During the operation, the operators shall cooperate closely and deal with the problems found in time. No operation is allowed until the problem is solved. The number and dropping position of chain fall and top chute shall be reasonably determined according to the site conditions

when dealing with road dropping and overturning accidents, there should be a special person to command, operate and take unified action. No one is allowed to work under the vehicle

6. During transportation, in addition to the normal car stopper, a movable car stopper (triangle stool) should be added to form a double car stopper

7. Check in advance along the transportation route, especially for places where high-performance fibers and composite materials, biomedical materials, rare earth functional materials, etc., which have advantages in our province, pass through air doors, air ducts, gantry pipelines. If there is any obstacle to transportation, contact the mine dispatching department, ventilation Department, mechanical and electrical department in advance, and take measures. It is strictly forbidden to force the transportation to damage ventilation facilities, pipelines, cables, etc

VI. safety measures

1. All operators must work hard and work with certificates. Strictly abide by the three major procedures and operation standards, and make sure to "follow the rules"

2. All transportation equipment and tools must be in good condition, otherwise they cannot be used. The contact signal during transportation must be clear, reliable, sound and light, complete and intact. We should strictly implement the rules! ⒍ᛑᛑ

3. The engineering quality of track line should meet the requirements of excellent products in the quality standard of mine track,; The turnout engineering quality shall meet the requirements of excellent products in the quality standard for mine turnout, and the 22kg/m rail type shall be adopted

4. The winch wire rope shall be free of broken wires, strands, knots and deformation, and comply with the relevant provisions of articles 405, 406 and 407 of the coal mine safety regulations. The coupling device must not fall off by itself. Unqualified steel wire ropes and connecting devices are strictly prohibited

5. The installation of all anti sports car devices should comply with the regulations, and be safe, flexible and reliable. It is strictly prohibited to use

wood wedges, hooks and other materials to block the car

6. Before each shift of transportation, a specially assigned person shall carry out a comprehensive inspection of the winch and its base, signal, steel wire rope, track quality, etc. If it does not meet the intact standard, it is strictly prohibited to transport

7. Strictly implement the "quick and slow" and "quick and slow" during transportation. " System, and assign special personnel to guard in sub sections to ensure that there are no other people in the operation area. Pedestrians must obey the command of the guard and must not pass by forcibly. At the same time, the vigilance personnel should ensure independent security

8. Before each hook, the hook worker must carefully check whether the steel wire rope, safety rope, hook head, connecting device, track quality and car stopper are in good condition; Whether there are obstacles on the transportation line; Vehicle connection and loading conditions; Hook up after everything is in good condition

the hooker must stop the car first and then take off the hook, and take off the gear after the trailer. The hook can be removed only after the vehicle stops stably. It is strictly forbidden to remove the hook without stopping the vehicle or take the gear first and then the hook

9. The winch driver must start the winch slowly and accelerate evenly after the steel wire rope is tensioned and stressed; Arrange the steel wire rope when lifting (placing) the empty car to prevent rope biting. When releasing the car from the horse's back, the winch must be operated with power, and the speed should be synchronized with the winch speed. There should be no excess rope, and it is strictly prohibited to release the car too fast. After the winch is started, it is strictly forbidden to pry the wire rope with hands or other materials

10. When the winch drum is tangled with rope or has rope biting, do not lift (put) the vehicle, and transport it after treatment

11. The head of the steel wire rope fixed on the winch drum must be pressed tightly, and the remaining rope on the drum shall not be less than 3 turns after the rope is released. Except JD? The 0kw winch is out of the rope from above the drum, jd-25kw, JD? All the 1.4kw winches are pulled out from under the drum

12. During the operation of the winch, the winch driver must concentrate. In case of abnormal rotation, rope disorder, rope biting or sudden power failure of the winch, he must stop immediately, and firmly brake the brake, and shall not leave. The operation can be continued only after other personnel handle it

13. When transporting the endless rope winch, strictly implement the relevant operation procedures for transporting the endless rope winch

14. During transportation, try to reduce the collision between vehicles and avoid sparks

15. The whole transportation process should be commanded by a specially assigned person, and the division of labor should be clear and specific

16. In addition to the implementation of this measure, other measures shall be strictly implemented in accordance with the coal mine safety regulations, operation regulations, safety operation standards of various types of work and relevant regulations of the superior, as well as the transportation operation regulations of the second mining area of Shuangliu coal mine, the transportation operation regulations of the main inclined shaft of Shuangliu coal mine, the transportation operation regulations of endless rope winch internationally, and the transportation safety technical measures of the second mining auxiliary roadway

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