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I-steel roadway withdrawal safety technical measures

I. overview:

according to the current construction arrangement of mining area 12, the old hydraulic pump house of track 12 downhill has been moved to the third level roadway. After the study of the mine leadership, it is decided to withdraw the old hydraulic pump house of track 12 downhill. The roadway recovery quantity: 40m (full I-steel support). In order to ensure the safety and smooth progress of the withdrawal construction of the old hydraulic pump house of track 12 downhill, the following safety technical measures are specially prepared

II. Withdrawal process:

1. Withdrawal sequence: recover one by one from the intersection of the old hydraulic pump house and the fifth level lane

2. Withdrawal method: adopt the retreating recovery method of single column combined with Wu beam and front detection beam

3. Withdrawal tool: use the column retractor and steel wire rope as the auxiliary rope to complete

4. When withdrawing the support, recover it one by one from inside to outside and from bottom to top

III. preparations before recycling

1. Before construction, the person in charge of construction is responsible for communicating and implementing the safety technical measures. Only after all relevant personnel study and sign, can they go down to the well for operation. Personnel who do not participate in the implementation and study are not allowed to participate in the withdrawal operation. Those who take turns or ask for leave must take remedial courses before taking up their posts, and the implementation list is attached to the implementation column of this measure

2. Before the withdrawal, the mechanical and electrical department is responsible for the withdrawal of all mechanical and electrical equipment and various pipelines in the old hydraulic pump room, and timely raise the well or transport them to the designated place. It is strictly prohibited to stack them in the withdrawal area or affect the withdrawal construction area and along the way

3. Due to the serious deformation of the support of the old hydraulic pump room, before the mechanical and electrical department withdraws the equipment, the person in charge of the withdrawal construction should arrange a special person to conduct a detailed inspection of all the support along the way of the old hydraulic pump room. If the support is found to be unstable, the original support should be reinforced first, and then the personnel of the mechanical and electrical department can be allowed to enter the retreated equipment to ensure the safety of personnel during the equipment withdrawal

4. Before the withdrawal construction, the construction team should lay two roads in advance at the intersection of the old hydraulic pump room of body 1 and the fifth lane, which integrates storage, transportation, finance, trading, information, business and other functions? ≥ 300mm rigid air duct. After the air duct is laid in place, four pairs of I-steel sheds are reserved at the west entrance of the old hydraulic pump house, and wooden cribs are erected to reinforce and protect the support at the intersection (the material used for erecting the wooden crib is φ≥ 200mm 2000mm round timber) to ensure the normal use of the fifth level lane during the withdrawal

5. After the erection of the wooden crib meets the standard, set up the coal bag wall next to the retreating side of the wooden crib. The coal bag wall should be stacked neatly, firmly and tightly to ensure that the whole section of the roadway is covered without air leakage

6. After the stacked coal bag wall is accepted by the personnel of the ventilation Department, the ventilation Department will arrange personnel to remove the air door and other facilities in the old hydraulic pump room. During the removal, the air volume observation of the operation site should be strengthened. If there is any abnormality, it should be handled immediately to prevent the air flow short circuit of 12070 (b) mining face

7. Before retreating, the support 10m behind the retreating point should be reinforced by lifting the shed on both sides to ensure the stability of the operation point and the retreat support

8. Before the withdrawal construction, the gangue, accumulated coal, sundries, etc. in the roadway to be withdrawn and the withdrawal route should be cleaned first, and the roadway height at the above location should not be less than 1.6 meters to ensure that the emergency withdrawal route is unblocked

9. Before the withdrawal construction, all kinds of materials for the withdrawal construction should be prepared and stacked neatly to the designated place. The stacking of materials should not affect the normal ventilation of pedestrians in the roadway

10. Before retreating construction, all retreating tools shall be comprehensively inspected to ensure that all retreating tools are intact and reliable

IV. withdrawal operation

1. During the withdrawal period, each shift must be supervised by a full-time person in charge who must analyze the cause of the engineering accident on site and cooperate with the security inspector on duty. If it is found that the support of the operation point, abnormal gas monitoring, insufficient air volume of the working face, inadequate preparation of roof falling prevention materials, and inadequate preparation of emergency measures, the operation should be stopped immediately at the end of 2014, and the treatment should be carried out. After various safety measures are in place, Before resuming the operation. Illegal command and operation are strictly prohibited

2. The mine manager on duty must come to the site in person to guide the on-site safety work. If the situation is special, the whole shift shall be observed

3. During the withdrawal period, the person in charge of on-site operation shall irregularly check whether the operation site and the rear support reinforcement are in good condition and abnormal. If there are problems, the operation shall be stopped immediately for treatment, and the construction can be continued only after the problems are solved

4. When retreating to the corner and intersection of the roadway, in addition to setting up bilateral lifting sheds, it is necessary to timely cooperate with the use of effective temporary support such as front detection beams and point pillars to retreat, so as to ensure that the roadway support at the intersection is stable, reliable and effective

5. The support retraction work must be operated by the retractor, and other personnel are not allowed to engage in the retraction work. In the process of returning to the shed, at least 3 people must cooperate with the operation. It is strictly forbidden to operate by a single person, and a special person is assigned to watch the mountain, and the problems found should be dealt with in time. The retreated I-beam should be lifted and placed steadily to prevent injury

6. Roadway withdrawal must be carried out in accordance with the provisions of this measure. It is strictly forbidden to change the withdrawal sequence at will or withdraw by sections

7. The withdrawal work should be picked up, pulled and collected frequently to avoid the I-beam being discarded without reason

8. Pull back the column first and then the beam, that is, after recovering the column, pull back the top beam, fall and pull it out

9. If a column leg is pressed into the base plate, the coal or gangue can be cleaned with a shovel and a hand pick, and the ditch is dug along the direction of the column, and then the column is pulled out with a column retractor

10. In case of pillars and beams that are difficult to return and take, temporary protective pillars or replacement pillars must be erected first, and the pillars that are difficult to return must be returned first, and then the replacement pillars must be returned

11. Before bolting columns and beams, the supporting conditions of surrounding roadways must be checked before dragging columns and beams. After checking and judging the safety, the work of bolting beams and columns, dragging beams and columns can be carried out. The operation of returning columns should be quick and quick

12. When returning the column leg, the column returning worker must stand at the end of the support and use the column returning device to recover

13. The retreating work must be carried out one by one, and the retreating work must be continuous. It is not allowed to go back to the next one before one is completed. When it is necessary to go back to the next one first under special circumstances, temporary support must be erected next to the support to be retreated

14. When withdrawing, the column retractor should be hung under the support with stress and intact roof, and not less than 5 meters away from the recycling place. When using the column retractor, the operators should stand outside the suspension point of the column retractor, and it is advisable to operate by two to three people, and always pay attention to the stability of the support at the suspension point of the column retractor. If abnormal conditions such as deformation and displacement of the support are found, they must be reinforced and handled before continuing the operation. It is strictly forbidden to use the column retractor savagely

15. In the process of support recovery, a special person must be assigned to observe the stability of the top plate in the recovery area. If the support in the recovery area is deformed, the top plate is pressed, and the slags fall off, all operators must immediately withdraw to a safe place. After the pressure is stable, the experienced old workers or the team leader should handle and reinforce it, and the operation can be continued only after confirmation. It is strictly forbidden to take risks

16. When handling materials, the handling personnel should be careful and concentrate. When the two people cooperate to transport materials, they should work together and coordinate their actions, and pay attention to the safety of other operators to avoid hurting others or themselves

17. It is strictly prohibited to use scraper conveyor and belt to transport recycled materials, and operators are strictly prohibited to stay in the empty roof area and pick up and transport materials

18. The team leader and the team leader shall carefully implement the post system, adhere to the on-site shift system, and make clear the problems existing in the on-site safety condition, project quality, mechanical equipment, etc., so as to solve them in time

19. When the old hydraulic pump room is retreated, each shift must be checked on site by the shift leader, team leader and security inspector to ensure the safe and smooth progress of the recycling work

v. under the following circumstances, it is not allowed to pull back the pillar and put the roof:

1. The floating coal and gangue in the roadway are not cleaned up, and the retreat road is not smooth

2. When there is no maintenance and renovation in advance for the crooked, ineffective and unqualified support

3. When the special support is not erected according to the regulations or although it is erected, it is not erected according to the specified distance

4. When there is no support and reinforcement work on the back road

5. When the difficult to return pillar and the crushed pillar are not treated

6. When there is no temporary support for the isolated column

7. Under special circumstances, it is possible for the gangue to be buried and pressed against the pillar, but it is not treated as gangue retaining

VI. emergency disposal:

the retreat work may lead to large-area pressure or roof fall in the head of the retreat. When the following symptoms occur on the working face, the retreat work must be stopped, and the support of the retreat point must be strengthened or the retreat point must be evacuated:

1. The sound produced by the roof fracture, and the area distribution of the fracture sound is large

2. When the coal wall at the head is seriously chipped, the subsidence is significantly increased due to excessive pressure on the support, the support makes a sound, and there is an omen of large-scale roof pressure

3. When there is a large area of roof fall in the working face and the personnel on site cannot control it

4. Other obvious or suspected signs of large-area roof pressure

5. In case of the above warning, the on-site shift leader must timely organize the construction workers to evacuate the retreat point as soon as possible and enter the safe place for 12 track transportation downhill to escape (even if the shift leader is not at the work site, the on-site personnel also evacuate the working face in time to escape) until the pressure at the retreat point is stable. The shift manager and the team leader shall organize personnel to observe the roof condition, and the shift leader shall issue work orders after confirming the safety

6. The personnel who have no time to evacuate due to roof fall at the retreat point can take shelter in the nearest well supported place or close to the lane side, waiting for rescue

VII. Ventilation and gas management

1. The attendant gas inspector at the withdrawal site must strictly implement the gas inspection system. During the withdrawal, the air volume will change on the basis of the past. At present, it is impossible to estimate the change, and take countermeasures in time when there is a change

2. Before each shift of retreat operation, it is necessary to lay two layers along the floor of one side of the roadway? ≥ 300mm rigid air duct, the air duct laying should be tightly connected and extend with the backward movement of the withdrawal point. After each cycle of air duct laying, the air duct should be pre buried with falling coal, and the burial thickness should be 0.3m, so as to prevent the falling rock on the top from damaging the air duct and causing no wind on the withdrawal working face

3. If the ventilation pipe at the operation point is blocked during the retreat, resulting in no wind or breeze at the operation point, the operation should be stopped immediately, and the ventilation Department is responsible for taking local fan air supply measures. Ensure the normal ventilation of the retreating operation point before continuing the operation

4. During the retreat, if the air path at the retreat site is blocked or there is no wind or breeze, and no ventilation measures are taken, all operators should be evacuated immediately, and warning signs should be hung at the entrance of the alley. 1 If the jaw is not properly clamped, it is strictly prohibited for construction personnel to enter the withdrawal point for operation

5. Before resuming ventilation, the attendant tile inspector must detect the gas concentration at the withdrawal point. If there is no abnormality, the air supply can be resumed. If the gas concentration is abnormal, another safety technical measures for gas discharge should be prepared and the gas discharge should be carried out according to the measures before resuming ventilation

6. During the withdrawal, portable gas alarm devices should be hung near the withdrawal site to monitor the gas emission at the withdrawal site in real time. If the gas exceeds the limit, all operators should be evacuated immediately and measures should be taken to deal with it

VIII. Other

1. I-shaped steel beams and column legs withdrawn must be timely

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