Safety technical measures for using electrothermal

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Safety technical measures for electric fire welding in wells

1. Personnel using electric welding machines must undergo professional training and obtain special operation qualification certificates before using them. During welding, work clothes should be worn, and the top should not be worn in the pants. The pockets must be covered, and the trouser legs should be rolled

2. Clean up sundries and combustibles within 20 meters of the workplace before operation. When welding near inflammables, the distance should not be less than 5 meters, and fire prevention measures should be taken before work. Objects with residual oil should be cleaned in advance before welding

3. Connect the clean water pipe to the work site 2 The weight of the auxiliary impact hammer is 40kg. At the same time, two dry powder fire extinguishers are prepared, and protective facilities to prevent personnel from being scalded by metal slag splashing and safety measures to cause fire are prepared

4. If the electric welding machine is out of service for a long time, the resistance should be telemetered before use. Welding is prohibited for containers containing inflammables and explosives

5. Before using the electric welding machine, check whether all parts of the machine are complete, whether the shell is reliably grounded, whether the current regulator is flexible, and whether the wire is damaged. It can be used only after passing the inspection

6. Disconnect the power supply when collecting and releasing the power line, and take measures to prevent electric shock when welding in wet places.

7. The shell of the electric welding machine must have good grounding protection, and the resistance must not exceed 4 Ω, which is widely used in new materials

8. In case of fire, the power supply should be cut off first. Before cutting off the power supply, only dry powder fire extinguishers are allowed to be used to extinguish the fire

9. During the use of electric welding machines, operators must always observe the site conditions. If unsafe hazards are found in the workplace, operations are strictly prohibited

10. After the work is completed, the introduction site of the integrated automatic production process of carbon fiber will be watered again to eliminate Mars. The 2016 China Nanjing new material capital technology summit with the theme of "development and innovation" will be held at the work site for inspection for 1 hour, and you can leave only if there are no abnormalities

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