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The titanium industry is developing rapidly, and the market prospect of high titanium slag is broad.

high titanium slag is the enrichment of titanium ore formed through physical production process. It is commonly known as the enrichment of titanium dioxide after melting and separating titanium dioxide and iron in titanium ore by electric furnace heating. High titanium slag is neither waste slag nor by-product, but a high-quality raw material for the production of titanium tetrachloride, titanium dioxide and sponge titanium products

with the increasing global consumption of titanium dioxide and sponge titanium, it accounted for 12% of the global market share in 2013, and the demand for high titanium slag showed a straight-line upward trend. In recent years, the global annual trading volume of high titanium slag has been more than US $1billion

in recent years, China's titanium dioxide and sponge titanium industry has developed rapidly. Due to the high content of titanium in high titanium slag, the production (treatment) of "three wastes" is small, and the utilization of resources and energy can make them more confident and confident to complete the work at hand. The rate is high, and it can help improve the quality of products. The demand for high titanium slag in China is growing rapidly. Although the domestic production of high titanium slag is expanding, it still cannot meet the strong domestic demand. China also needs to import a large amount of high titanium slag every year to supplement the gap. At present, China's high titanium slag industry is still in a situation of insufficient supply. In the next few years, China's high titanium slag still needs to be imported in large quantities

the production technology level of titanium slag in China is at the bottom of the world. The overall scale of high titanium slag production enterprises is small and their competitiveness is not strong. In 2005, there were only about a dozen enterprises producing and processing high titanium slag in China. By 2006, the number of domestic enterprises had increased, but the overall quality was not strong. Except for Panzhihua Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., a large enterprise, the output of other enterprises producing high titanium slag was less than 10000 tons. In 2007, the number of enterprises producing high titanium slag in China increased rapidly, reaching more than 60 enterprises, and the strength of enterprises is growing

at the end of 2008, the Tariff Commission of the State Council issued the 2009 tariff implementation plan. According to the plan, in 2009, the import of high titanium slag (titanium dioxide mass fraction greater than 70%) (tariff number) continued to be reduced from the original MFN tariff rate of 6.5% to 0, and the sulfuric acid (tariff number) was reduced from the original MFN tariff rate of 5.5% to 0. At the same time, the provisional tariff for the export of titanium ore and its concentrate (tariff number) was increased to 10% in 2009. According to the above tax rate adjustment direction, the national tendency to protect resource-based raw materials is obvious. After the implementation of the new tariff scheme, the export of domestic titanium concentrate will be limited, and the import of sulfuric acid and high titanium slag should be increased. The picture shows Bayer engineers testing the length of headlights made of light plastic in Shanghai polymer research and development center

there are about 70 titanium dioxide production enterprises in China. Except for the one in Jinzhou, which is a chlorination process, others are sulfuric acid process, and the raw materials used are mainly titanium concentrate. In recent years, titanium dioxide production enterprises have realized the advantages of high titanium slag and gradually turned to the production of titanium dioxide with high titanium slag

for quite a long time in the future, titanium dioxide and metal sponge titanium products with high titanium slag as raw materials are still the key projects encouraged in the national industrial structure adjustment. As a primary mineral product in short supply, high titanium slag has a very broad market prospect

some powerful domestic enterprises have begun to independently develop high-quality high titanium slag, and some leading enterprises have invested huge capital to introduce foreign advanced technology and large-scale equipment for the production of high titanium slag. Increase research and development efforts to benefit "we are no longer the order taker of order 1. Using its technical advantages to produce high-quality and high-yield products to compete with peers and seize the market will become the biggest competitive trend in the development of the high titanium slag industry.

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