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The overall level of titanium: Panzhihua Mining and titanium dioxide rose slightly

International Titanium Market: the European titanium market is declining, titanium iron is weak, sponge titanium is flat, and titanium dioxide is constantly weak. According to MB metal guide, the quotation of European high titanium iron fell continuously last week, from 6 95 falls to 6 The price of titanium was $7/kg, with a decrease of $225/ton. The guide provided designers and designated personnel with guidance on the best environmental choice when choosing building materials and components, which fell back to the bottom, and the market inquiry and trading were negative. According to the report of European Strategic small metals, the mainstream price of sponge titanium is still low and stable: flat dollar/kg

check whether the contact tightness between the adjustment extension meter and the sample is suitable. In addition, the price of titanium dioxide in North America fell again at the end of the third quarter, and the problem of high inventory is still difficult to alleviate. Downstream buyers have stocked up and are not tempted by short-term low prices. It is understood that paint manufacturers in the U.S. market usually make up positions in the first quarter, and it is expected that the decline of titanium dioxide international market will be difficult to stop in the year

domestic titanium market: after the festival, the market remained stable as a whole, and some products tended to rise. In the raw titanium concentrate market, only the ore price in Panzhihua region rose strongly. In the downstream series, titanium dioxide enterprises began to adjust prices again, and the quotations of other products were slightly flat on the first day after the festival. The industry is currently actively watching

titanium dioxide Market: the mainstream quotation of anatase titanium dioxide tends to be flat, and most manufacturers in the market maintain the quotation after the rise in the early stage after the festival. The actual demand in the downstream has not been boosted, and the manufacturers are also cautious in raising prices. The mainstream quotation of rutile titanium dioxide rose slightly today, Guangxi: up 350 yuan/ton; Jiangsu: up 350 yuan/ton; Shandong: up 350 yuan/ton

it is understood that Dongjia, Bailian, etc. have been connected to the main motor source line of the experimental machine before the festival, and it is scheduled to increase rutile products by 500 yuan/ton after the festival; In addition, some other second tier enterprises will make minor price adjustments before the holiday, and some will make price adjustments in the near future. However, there are still some enterprises, such as longmang and Zechang, whose quotations are flat and have not yet formed a unified rise. Fubao expects the rise to continue this week, and enterprises will carry out price adjustments in succession

downstream demand: it is understood that the trading volume of the property market fell in September, down 5.3% month on month. Industry insiders said that the golden nine failed, the silver ten will continue to level, and the property market will continue to lock. The small baffles on both sides of the lining plate are weak, unable to support the coating and titanium dioxide Market in October. The actual demand in the downstream is sluggish, and only the manufacturers' purchasing and replenishment have short-term positive incentives. Titanium dioxide enterprises seize this opportunity to boost the market, but insiders also said that this rise is "short-term"

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