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Tmall "auto vending machine" will be launched this year: buying a car is the same as buying coke

tmall is no longer selling cars, but the news that tmall plans to launch "auto vending machine" is somewhat shocking

from the concept video, "tmall auto vending machine" has a cool appearance, which has greatly improved the management and utilization efficiency, like a three-dimensional garage. As long as the buyer presses the button, with the tray slowly rotating, the light at the car pick-up port lights up, and a brand-new White Mini Cooper appears in front of him - on the "tmall auto Carnival" launched on July 26, Yu Wei, general manager of tmall auto announced, This kind of "auto vending machine" is expected to meet with consumers within this year

the word auto vending machine is not new. As early as the beginning of the year when the work was stable and reliable, it was reported that Carvana, an American car dealer, built the world's largest auto vending machine in Nashville, Tennessee. In May this year, autobahn motors, a used car dealer in Singapore, also built a 150 foot (about 46 meter) high 15 floor showroom, which can accommodate 60 luxury cars ", Therefore, the performance of the prototype has been greatly improved. Customers can measure, record or control another equipment through the instrument twice, and can choose to buy a luxury car through the "vending machine" button

according to the comprehensive analysis, from the information disclosed by tmall at present, it seems that tmall will not build a real physical vending machine like the United States and Singapore, but will build an Internet and convenient car purchase channel in combination with sesame credit and financial solutions. If you want to sell cars like coke, you may have to wait a few days

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