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Chongqing Titanium Industry reversed the passive situation of production

according to the production department of Chongqing Titanium Industry, as of February 15, the company had completed the production of 1838 tons of titanium dioxide this month, including 458 tons of r-298, whose grade rate exceeded 50% of general-purpose products. Production has entered a normal state, reversing the passive situation of production in January. In January, restricted by factors such as equipment overhaul, single line production, horizontal tension testing machine space, power and gas limitation, boiler failure, etc., the production indicators of Chongqing titanium industry were not satisfactory. After entering February, the production workshops and functional departments of the company actively investigated and solved the adverse factors affecting the accuracy of stable and high yield of ± 0.3%, strengthened the production process control, and did a good job in equipment maintenance, but the longer the time, the greater the circuit damage caused by the longer the boiler and other public and auxiliary facilities will operate stably. With the completion of the overhaul work, the double line production was resumed, and the conditions for stable and smooth production were gradually guaranteed. During the long Spring Festival holiday, the production of the company returned to normal, the production capacity was gradually released, and the quality was gradually stabilized and improved. In particular, the production of r-298 stabilized, and its grade rate remained above 50% of the general-purpose products, meeting the requirements of the environmental protection plan. In February, Chongqing Titanium Industry plans to produce 3100 tons of titanium dioxide, including 700 tons of r-298. The relevant person in charge of the company said that according to the current production progress, the successful completion of the production task this month is a sure bet

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