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Tmall global promotes the "quality assurance" commitment plan

it is understood that the plan is the first to be implemented in nine major industries, including clothing, beauty, mother and baby, and medical and health care. Merchants on the platform will gradually complete the review of the "quality assurance" commitment plan, and show it to consumers on the store's commodity page. It is expected to be fully completed in mid September this year

the quality of imported goods depends first of all on whether the source of goods is guaranteed. The "quality assurance" plan requires businesses to provide the authorized qualification certificate of the brand company (i.e. the trademark owner company), and the qualification authorization must be within the period of validity. Businesses need to update the expiring qualification authorization in a timely manner

in tmall Global's service commitment, authentic guarantee is the most basic and important service. Taking tmall global direct sales as an example, it has always adhered to the commitment of "100% overseas in order to make plastic materials and their products safe and reliable use of authentic products, one fake is worth ten" to safeguard the rights and interests of consumers. With the launch of the plan, based on the guarantee of authentic products, the food, beauty, mother and baby, health care products and other industries also have the promise of "special services" without halogen, including the "allergy refund" of beauty, the "red ass refund" of mother and baby, and the promise of "damage refund" and other services in beauty, food, mother and baby, and home furnishing industries

this means that consumers buy goods in stores marked with "allergy guaranteed return" and "red fart guaranteed return". Within 60 days after signing for the goods, the merchants promise to deal with the skin allergy caused by sound during use within 48 hours. The damaged package return refers to the application for safeguarding the rights of consumers who find that the commodity packaging is damaged within 72 hours after signing, and they can enjoy the rapid guarantee service

"quality assurance" commitment plan also requires businesses to have six elements: senior investment promotion team, business on-site investigation, overseas direct supply, whole process materials and avoiding the use of organic solvents, flow tracking, preferred quality express, gold medal customer service service, strictly control imports throughout the chain, and establish a macro-control and market conditioning mechanism for commodity quality

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