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Titanium dioxide industry recovered, and some production lines of St titanium dioxide resumed production

after nearly half a year of shutdown, investors finally looked forward to the news of the resumption of production of St titanium dioxide production line, but the resumption of production by driving can only reduce losses, but it can not achieve profits

today, St titanium dioxide announced the start-up and resumption of production of titanium dioxide production line. St titanium white said that the company decided to resume production in mid to late July 2009 and formulated a detailed resumption plan. St titanium dioxide has two production lines of 100 × 100 and 200 × 200. According to the resumption of production plan, the company's 200 × 200 production line fully resumed production on July 23. The resumption of production is restricted by the shortage of working capital, so only one production line can be started to resume production, and the other production line is still stopped

for the reasons for this resumption of production, St titanium white said that at present, the domestic economy is gradually recovering, and the titanium white industry is showing signs of recovery. According to the current raw material prices and product prices, a preliminary calculation can be made, and driving the resumption of production can significantly reduce losses and greatly fatigue the normal protection of the experimental machine. 1 Regular replacement of oil circuit filter elements can significantly reduce capital consumption, stabilize the workforce, help maintain market share and contribute to the future development of the company

the announcement shows that the st titanium dioxide production line has been shut down for seven months since December 20, 2008. The following moment of inertia is a measure of the inertia of the rigid body when it rotates around the axis (the rotating object maintains its constant circular motion or static characteristics). Specifically, the preparation of the product is introduced. During the month of parking, the monthly loss is about 12million yuan. As of the end of June 2009, the total loss is about 74.22 million yuan, and the parking loss is huge. This time, only 200 × production lines resumed production, and the resumed production capacity only reached 53.85% of the actual capacity. Moreover, due to the tight working capital of the company, it takes about 15 days from the production line to the production. Generally speaking, the trapezoidal screw clearance is relatively large, the friction is relatively large, the application life is short, and the product sales to the collection takes 45-60 days. If the product sales and collection cycle changes, the capital chain will be broken again, and the production line may be shut down again

st titanium white said that according to the current raw material prices and product selling prices, the resumption of production after driving can only reduce losses, but can not achieve profits. The company's management will go all out to organize production, strive for continuous and stable start-up production of the production line, and try their best to reduce losses. The company's board of directors will pay close attention to the company's production and operation and do a good job in continuous information disclosure

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