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Panzhihua Iron and steel titanium industry promotes the rapid development of enterprises with scientific and technological innovation

on September 23, Liu Xinhui, deputy secretary of the Party committee and chairman of the labor union of the (Group) company, stressed the need to improve the ability of scientific research, do a good job in construction quality and safety supervision during the on-site investigation of the pilot line project of high temperature carbonization of blast furnace slag and the new process of comprehensive utilization of 100kt/a vanadium titanium resources and high-quality titanium rich materials, Rapidly promote the implementation of the "first four five year plan" strategy of the (Group) company, which will be implemented in close cooperation with the national composite center of the United Kingdom

everywhere he went, Liu Xinhui asked in detail about the construction progress, scientific and technological progress, technological process and later development of the project, and extended holiday greetings to the staff. At the construction site of the pilot project of high temperature carbonization of blast furnace slag, Liu Xinhui spoke highly of the important work done by scientific researchers in the project construction. Liu Xinhui stressed that trade union organizations at all levels should focus on the scientific and technological priorities of Pangang, carry out labor competitions, serve scientific and technological breakthroughs, strengthen talent training, and lay a solid talent foundation for the sustainable development of Pangang

at the construction site of the 100kt/a vanadium titanium resource comprehensive utilization new process and high-quality titanium rich material pilot test line project, Liu Xinhui stressed that scientific and technological innovation is the reason to promote the future: the driving force of enterprise development, we should continue to carry forward the spirit of Panzhihua Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., constantly improve the ability of independent innovation, and turn the development strategy of Panzhihua Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. into reality; We should pay more attention to construction safety and project quality, especially during festivals, we should carefully deploy all work to ensure construction and production safety

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