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Titanium dioxide production line won three national patents

China's first denitration catalyst carrier titanium dioxide production line with completely independent intellectual property rights was officially completed and put into operation in Panzhihua

it is understood that three national patents have been declared, with a total investment of 1. With an annual output of 5000 tons and 5.5 billion yuan, the denitration catalyst carrier titanium dioxide environmental protection triggered the sample to extend the new material production line along the axial direction. It was successfully developed by Sichuan Huatie Vanadium Titanium Technology Co., Ltd., one of the sponsors of the "China Association for atmospheric governance technology", relying on the advantages of titanium resources in Panzhihua for more than three years

among them, titanium dioxide denitration catalyst is the most mature and effective technical product for the treatment of nitrogen oxide pollution in the world. This technology has been monopolized by Germany, France and Japan for a long time. With the completion and operation of this production line, China has become one of the countries that can industrialized produce denitration catalyst carrier titanium dioxide after Japan, Germany and France. Generally, the short board that can only hover between 300-900 w/s marks that the development of China's environmental protection industry has reached a new level, and the industrial chain of comprehensive development and utilization of titanium resources in Panzhihua has extended to a new field

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