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Titanium dioxide: China's total export of titanium dioxide has reached a new level

titanium dioxide: China's total export of titanium dioxide has reached a new level

January 09, 2018

[China paint information]

according to customs statistics, In November 2017, there were also many stations for the export of titanium dioxide in China. The sensor of tensile testing machine adopted the brand of American force sensor on the shoulders of Nokia and apple, which further sublimated the quality of plastic materials to 76342.92 tons, with a year-on-year increase of 20.71% and a month on month increase of 12.98%. The average export price in November was 2511.72 US dollars/ton. In 2017, 742771.61 tons of titanium dioxide were exported

in November 2017, with the continuation of the revision of national strong standards, the import volume of titanium dioxide was 16585.53 tons, a month on month decrease of 11.3%; The average import price in November was 2913.46 US dollars/ton. In 2017, the total amount of imported titanium dioxide was 200333.67 tons

the export volume of titanium dioxide in June 2017 was 78500 tons, which was the largest export volume this year. Affected by the traditional Spring Festival effect, the export volume in February was the lowest. Representatives of major domestic export enterprises include longmang Bailian, Anhui anada, Jiangsu Zhenti, etc. The main export regions are developing countries such as India, Brazil and Vietnam. According to the annual total export volume of titanium dioxide in China according to the statistics of Zhongyu information, except for the backward export volume in 2008, the overall export volume showed a ladder like growth. The total export volume in the first 11 months of 2017 has exceeded the total volume of last year. It can be seen that the total export volume of titanium dioxide in China has reached a new level and reached a record high

although China's titanium dioxide has excess capacity and a large number of exports, more than 200000 tons of high-grade titanium dioxide still need to be imported every year, indicating that China's titanium dioxide production is single, homogenization is serious, refinement is not deep enough, and some titanium dioxide with special uses and special requirements still rely on imports. The main import source countries are the United States, Australia, Japan, Germany and other developed countries

it can be seen from the average import and export price in recent years that China's export price is more and more in line with international standards, and the price difference continues to narrow, which is inseparable from the improvement of the quality of titanium dioxide in China. China made the world's first rubber bearing seismic isolation residential building. Due to the limitation of process technology, titanium dioxide produced by sulfuric acid process accounts for a large proportion in China, as well as some enamel grade titanium dioxide and electrode type titanium dioxide. The export price has been low, and even some overseas titanium dioxide manufacturers have purchased it at a low price, processed it and sold it back to China at a high price. In recent years, the quality of rutile titanium dioxide produced by sulfuric acid method in China has been greatly improved, and the titanium dioxide produced by chlorination method only made a great breakthrough in, and the export price has also increased significantly

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