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TNA Europe: modular design of roflo servo driven conveyor

tna's latest roflo horizontal action conveyor system has a modular design, without any unloading 16.0 doors, and can be easily cleaned. In addition, by reducing the height difference between the conveyor and the feeding system, the possibility of product damage is reduced, the product transmission speed is accelerated, and the maintenance demand is reduced. The modular construction means that Paolo feraboli, the laboratory director of the system, said: our unique feature is that the rapid experiment and design components are generally interchangeable, and additional multi head scales or transmission lengths can be added at any time. The multi head scale itself is a double shell structure, and the reinforcement part is located inside the multi head scale. Driven by the servo motor, the external cleaning is more convenient

tna said that the servo motor drive can provide enough power to transmit products, and the maximum acceleration is less than 0.8g, while the acceleration of general vibration transmission unit is 5 ~ 5.5G

information source: packaging machinery

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