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More than 40 sets in total! A port freight company in Guangxi additionally purchased more than 40 temporary l968f loaders

in total! A port freight company in Guangxi additionally purchased temporary l968f loaders

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recently, a delivery ceremony for batch procurement of temporary l968f loaders by a port freight company in Guangxi was grandly held. This is the customer's additional order after purchasing large tonnage star products of Shandong Lingong in July this year, which fully proves that Shandong Lingong products have won the trust of customers

the freight company is mainly responsible for the bulk cargo handling and short distance transportation business of the port, and is the logistics enterprise of the port. Through years of use, customers have deeply understood and highly recognized the use cost, work efficiency, service quality and economic benefits of temporary equipment. This time, the relevant parts should be fastened. No matter how good the electroplating process is, it is impossible to achieve the desired electroplating effect. The customer has purchased 5 temporary l968f. The customer has purchased 25 temporary 6T machines and installed more than 40 temporary models in 2013

Shandong Lingong l968f loader is the main model of "F series" products. It is a high configuration long wheelbase energy-saving loader with a new appearance. L968f adopts a new generation of temporary energy-saving technology, and is equipped with a three-stage electronically controlled engine and variable control steering system, with a comprehensive energy saving of more than 20%. The product has long wheelbase and large tractive force. It can shovel metal ore, metal ore powder, large stone and other materials. It is customized for heavy working conditions such as mines and wharfs, and realizes the perfect combination of large excavation force and high reliability

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