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Hashi was invited to participate in the automatic control technology seminar of Yunnan Copper Company

multifunctional high molecular medical materials, medical metal materials, medical material appearance modification skills, nano drugs, biosensors, and fine processing skills of medical devices have also been updated rapidly

on September 23, 2009, in the report hall of Yunnan Copper Co., Ltd., sponsored by China instrumentation society, Yunnan Copper Co., Ltd The Symposium on Automatic Control Technology Co organized by Kunming instrumentation society was successfully held. This conference is one of the series activities of "factories and mining enterprises with high degree of automation under 2009 science and technology" of the China instrumentation society. The theme of the conference is "automation tells enterprises to save energy and improve (production) management efficiency services", and the communication is carried out in various forms, such as lectures, product exhibitions, interactive exchanges, etc. Relevant personnel of Yunnan Copper Industry Co., Ltd. and excellent equipment manufacturers in instrument industry/automatic control industry were invited to attend

as a world leader in water quality monitoring/testing, Hashi has been committed to the development of China's environmental protection cause. At the invitation of China instrumentation society, Hashi company made a wonderful speech at the seminar - "Discussion on the application of HACH water electronics universal experimental mechanical quality analysis and monitoring technology in water saving and emission reduction in the metallurgical industry"

the application of hash water quality analyzer in water saving and emission reduction in metallurgical industry can be summarized as follows: 1. Boiler water: the core is to accurately control the water quality and ensure the safety of equipment operation. 2. Circulating water: the core is to ensure the water quality, increase the concentration ratio, and increase the reuse frequency to achieve the purpose of water saving. 3. Sewage: the core is to ensure the effectiveness of the treatment process and whether the discharged water quality meets the environmental protection standards. Or judge whether the water quality after advanced treatment meets the reuse standard to reduce the discharge of wastewater. In the water treatment process of these three key links, Hashi company has provided a complete series of water quality analysis products to meet the requirements of water conservation and emission reduction in the metallurgical industry

the water quality analyzer of Hashi company has been successfully applied and operated well in many manufacturers in the domestic metallurgical industry, such as TISCO group, with simple operation and convenient maintenance. It has been highly praised by many users, and has been rated as an excellent equipment company in the water industry by China water for three consecutive years

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