The hottest harvest was delivered to Shanxi custom

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Harvest on the road Liugong two pavers delivered to Shanxi customers

harvest on the road Liugong two pavers delivered to Shanxi customers

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. As the saying goes, the grain of wheat is gradually full. When the melons and fruits are fragrant and the wheat ears are waiting to be harvested, Liugong pavement equipment also welcomes the good news that two pavers will be delivered to the Shanxi customer, boss he, to create value for the customer. On the bumpy road to the airport, I looked at the yellow and full grain ears of wheat on the roadside and felt the joy of the coming harvest

two pavers were delivered to Shanxi customers by Liugong on the road. One was delivered to Yuncheng and the other to Linfen. The "two roads lead to the same goal" - completing the project construction for customers with quality and quantity. Boss he is a loyal user of Liugong's equipment. He has known Liugong for more than ten years and has been in deep cooperation with Liugong. The Liugong products he purchased before and after also witnessed their long-term cooperation. If this kind of displacement sensor is used as displacement feedback element in the servo system, its existing pavers, graders, rollers and other Liugong products will grow with the increase of equipment and have a certain influence in the local industry

in the conversation with boss he, why did he like Liugong products? First, when there are too many oxide skins, Liugong brand is in the forefront of the domestic construction machinery industry and has a high brand awareness; Second, Liugong's products are reliable in quality and superior in performance, which greatly meets its construction needs and has a high cost performance ratio; In addition, Liugong has complete accessories and fast service, and is dedicated to the interests of users. What he said also reflects Liugong's core values - customer oriented quality makes the future, people-oriented cooperation creates value

the two pavers delivered this time will show their skills in surface paving. We hope Liugong equipment will bring more wealth to customers and cooperate with each other for a long time

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