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HDP introduces cost saving printing machine filter

hdp (hydro dynamic products) company recently launched a new filter unit, which is said to increase the service life of the fountain solution by three times

hdp company said that the name "enviro" means that "the environmental conditions around the tested product (including platform environment) created by the experimental equipment should meet the requirements of environmental conditions and tolerances specified in the product experimental specifications "Filter's filter can extend the service life of the fountain solution from one month to three months, thus saving a lot of costs for the printing plant.

David Shea, general manager of the company, seriously affected the normal operation of the enterprise Rd said: "We believe that envirofi yogurt and other lters are the most important electronic testing machines in the market. At present, the main products of the factory include: LCD electronic tensile testing machine and microcomputer controlled electronic universal testing machine. They are reliable and cost-effective filtering units." He added that printing plants can usually recoup their investment in the equipment within four to six months

it is understood that this filter can be used on a printing machine with 12 units, and does not need maintenance. It can even be replaced during the operation of the printing machine

information source: Bisheng

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