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The Trojan horse input personal information in the woman's "red envelope grab" lost 10000 yuan

the Spring Festival is approaching, and more and more people choose to order tickets to visit their relatives for travel. Then some fraud gangs took the opportunity to cheat under the guise of "special ticket" and "ticket change". As the holiday is approaching, many social software use "sending red envelopes" to enhance popularity and foil the holiday atmosphere. All kinds of fake red envelopes with malicious link viruses take the opportunity to sneak in. In this regard, the Security Department of the public security organ reminds the masses that they should be vigilant, polish their eyes, and effectively prevent fraud of fake airline tickets and fake red envelopes, and never suffer losses of property and personal information due to greed for small bargains

the fraud of clone ticket station has been upgraded, and SMS prompts and customer service calls are available.

with the peak of family visits and travel, ticket fraud has been renovated to target people who are about to travel. These "ticket change" advanced scams not only have text message prompts, but also "customer service personnel" take the initiative to call, and "officials" confirm

Miss Xu in Nanjing encountered such advanced combination deception. On the same day, she had been waiting for boarding in the airport waiting hall. The cemented carbide bending test suddenly received a text message from the "airline" saying that the flight she took could not take off normally due to mechanical failure. If she changed her visa, she could get a flight delay fee of 200 yuan

seeing this message, Miss Xu was skeptical, but her personal information in the message was accurate. At this time, the airport waiting screen also jumps out the prompt of flight delay. Seeing this information, Miss Xu's doubts were dispelled and she was ready to call the consultation in the text message to handle the visa change. At this time, "customer service" took the initiative to improve the construction of new material system in the plastic industry. The other party first apologized for the flight delay, and then asked Miss Xu to log in to the "official" of the airline to fill in the bank card and other relevant information, saying that the flight delay fee would be paid to the card immediately. After Ms. Xu opened the "official" link sent by "customer service", the 4000 yuan in the bank card was quietly transferred

why are the outlaws' stations so lifelike and familiar with flight information? The Security Department of the Ministry of public security concluded that criminals first "clone" airlines or regular ticket stations, then spread false low-cost discount ticket information through forums, blogs, microblogs and other channels, and optimized search engines for some popular routes to trick friends to visit. In addition, in order to quickly transfer the stolen money, fake ticket stations prefer to use direct remittance. If users are required to remit money directly to their personal accounts, it must be a fraud station

the Security Department of the Ministry of public security suggests that such fraud is very confusing because it involves the disclosure of personal information. When you receive a text message with similar contents such as "flight cancellation, flight change, ticket refund and change", you must verify it through multiple channels such as airline customer service, airport customer service or on-site verification. Don't blindly believe that the information with unknown origin and mechanical properties are also different, and you can't click to access the address in the information at will

fake red envelopes hide traps. After scanning the QR code containing Trojan horse programs, the money is transferred.

if you see someone posting "red envelopes", will you just click it? Be careful! Maybe there is a fraud "trap" hidden in it. Red envelopes used to be an entertainment way to enhance feelings between relatives and friends, but now they are used by outlaws and become a new way to commit fraud

Ms. Zhou, who lives in Nanjing, often participates in the activity of "grabbing red envelopes". A few days ago, one of her "friends" sent her a red envelope, which also contained a link to "open and grab 500 yuan vouchers". Ms. Zhou clicked on the link and found that she had grabbed the first prize of "500 yuan voucher". She immediately clicked on the designated address to receive the prize and entered a lot of personal information such as ID card, number and account. After inputting the information, the other party also asked her to scan a QR code. Although Ms. Zhou hesitated, she lost her vigilance when she thought it was sent by her friend. Just a few minutes after scanning the code, Ms. Zhou received a bank message, and the bank card was transferred away for 10000 yuan

Ms. Zhou immediately called her friend to verify the situation, and the friend told her that her contact number was stolen. Ms. Zhou found herself cheated and immediately called the police. The public security organ detected that the Trojan horse program was hidden in the QR code scanned by Ms. Zhou. The suspect used the Trojan horse program to steal Ms. Zhou's personal information, forwarded Ms. Zhou's payment verification message through the Trojan horse, and stole 10000 yuan from her

with the development of network technology and the popularity of mobile Internet, it is easy for criminals to embed phishing addresses in the interactive interface. Once users open the link, their personal information will be stolen. Red packets are more used by many criminals, who will hide in a large number of groups or circles of friends, steal user information and even control users by distributing red packets embedded in fishing stations and Trojan download addresses

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