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A woman in Suqian has a quirk. She harasses and peeps at her neighbors at midnight every day. We often say that distant relatives are not as good as close neighbors. But Mr. Qiu, a citizen who lives in Suqian Economic Development Zone recently, told us that the neighbors who live in the garage downstairs have brought great troubles to their lives. They even want to sell their house and move out of here. What kind of mystery is there in this

Mr. Qiu, a citizen, said unhappily, "if I had money, I would buy a house elsewhere, and I wouldn't live here. There's really no way to live in it, disturbing our normal life every day."

Mr. Qiu lives on the first floor of a community in Suqian Economic Development Zone, while her neighbor Ms. Shen lives in the garage below their building. We have been neighbors for three years. It is reasonable that the neighbors upstairs and downstairs should get along well without looking up and looking down, but Mr. Qiu said that they should hide when they meet now

then why are Mr. Qiu's family so afraid of this female neighbor? It turns out that this neighbor not only likes to swear, but also likes eavesdropping, peeping and random suspicion

Mr. Qiu said, "I spoke with your two acquaintances on the roadside normally, and she immediately came out and said it. She thought you were speaking ill of her, so she scolded at the door. Anyway, the front and rear neighbors could hear it."

it is not Mr. Qiu's family that is deeply disturbed by it. This is not true. The neighbor Mr. Zang's family has also suffered in the past two years

Mr. Zang, a citizen, said, "sometimes she will knock at the door at more than 11 o'clock or more than 12 o'clock in the middle of the night, and she will run under our balcony and shout and scold. Sometimes what she says is particularly unpleasant. She scolded many times, but we didn't say it."

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Mr. Zang said that Ms. Shen is not only noisy, but also likes to call the police frequently, and sometimes has some abnormal behaviors

Mr. Zang said that his father used to visit them often, but recently he felt that their family was too noisy and didn't come. His wife was seriously ill and recuperated at home. Such a life has seriously affected her rest

Mr. Zang, a citizen, said: "The day before yesterday afternoon, the three of us were going to the supermarket to buy things. As soon as I got downstairs, she said why Da Ye was promoted quickly. In the morning, you knocked on my door and gave me 50 yuan as a gift? I couldn't communicate with her normally. She said everything she cursed, and it was particularly unpleasant. One day, she came downstairs from her, scolded many times, and we didn't count it. It snowed more than 11 o'clock last night, and she came out to swear in the corridor."

sometimes Ms. Shen is very frightening when talking. Mr. Zang, a citizen, said, "she often said that if I was forced to hurry, I might want to kill. I would not bear any consequences for killing. We are all afraid. After all, there are old people and children at home, so we can't rest."

meeting such a neighbor is really a headache, so what kind of woman is this? Why are there these extraordinary words and deeds? After many efforts, I also met Ms. Shen herself

she is neatly dressed and neat. From the appearance, Ms. Shen is no different from ordinary people, but after talking with her for a while, she found that she soon "digressed"

Ms. Shen, 39, has been living in the garage downstairs with her 11-year-old son since her divorce. Ms. Shen repeatedly said that her ex husband harassed and peeped at her many times, so sometimes she would call the police station

she said that the reason why she often eavesdropped on the neighbors' speeches was mainly because she suspected that her husband was hiding in the neighbor's house, and she didn't feel that her behavior had achieved the perfect combination of material use performance, safety performance and appearance performance, disturbing the normal rest of the neighbors

Ms. Shen said that because her ex husband always came to harass her, she didn't feel safe, so she kept calling the police, but Mr. Zhuo, a staff member of the community property, said that there was no ex husband harassing at all, which was her own imagination

learned that the garage where Ms. Shen lives is not owned by herself, but by his brother. I found the contact information of Ms. Shen's brother through the property management, because he works in other places, I contacted him through

Ms. Shen's brother said that her sister had been living in his garage with her children since her divorce. His parents were old and had been living in the countryside since they were still in an important strategic opportunity for development. His own family is working and living in other places, and he can't take care of his sister at all. He had heard from his neighbors about his sister's situation for a long time, but there was nothing he could do

a lawyer was also consulted about this situation. The lawyer said that because Ms. Shen currently has no spouse, her children are too young, and her parents are too old, her brothers and sisters should act as guardians

lawyers believe that the community owner committee and the property company have the obligation to intervene in Ms. Shen's words and deeds that seriously harass the lives of neighbors; If the advice is useless, it can be reported to the public security organ for a warning or a penalty of 50 to 500 yuan. If it is still invalid, the public security organ can take compulsory measures

indeed, it must be uncomfortable to have such a neighbor. In my opinion, in a situation like Ms. Shen, she should go to the hospital as soon as possible. Whether her brother said that her mental state was bad or that her mental state needed to be adjusted, she could get treatment as soon as she went to the hospital. And Ms. Shen's family should also do their best to supervise. After all, Ms. Shen's words and deeds have affected others' lives. At the same time, we also hope that Ms. Shen's neighbors and her community can be more tolerant and caring for such a special neighbor

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