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A woman is physically sensitive and has an allergy to kissing with her boyfriend. She chooses to change her boyfriend

a woman in Chengdu has an allergic reaction after kissing with her boyfriend for many times. After testing, it was found that the woman was allergic to her boyfriend's saliva, and then she chose to change her boyfriend... There is a song called "perfume is poisonous". Is saliva poisonous now? We interviewed dermatologists from many hospitals in Nanjing. They all said that even though the group believed that there was saliva exchange, it was not likely to directly cause allergy, and there might be something else that caused her allergy. Therefore, the Chengdu woman may have mistaken her boyfriend

depressed: itching as soon as being kissed by her boyfriend

recently, Chengdu woman Vivian suffered from facial anaphylaxis again. Accompanied by her boyfriend, she went to the dermatology department of Chengdu Second People's Hospital for treatment. After arriving at the hospital, the nurse in the dermatology department helped her screen for allergens

"I remember every time I get itchy, it's after my boyfriend kissed me." Vivi told the doctor. Therefore, after screening for other allergens, the doctor specially asked Wei Wei to take his boyfriend's saliva and test it with a biological resonance instrument. The results show that the index on the resonance instrument is much higher than the limit value of 30. This means that vivi is allergic to her boyfriend's saliva

question: can kissing really cause allergies

contact maxiaoling, chief physician of Dermatology Department of Nanjing Maternal and child health hospital. She told that China is undoubtedly the largest market. Generally speaking, there are many things in the saliva in the mouth, such as digestive protease, food residue, bacterial microorganisms, etc. It's hard to say whether these things cause girls' allergies

Bao Jun, deputy chief physician of Dermatology Department of Nanjing Gulou Hospital, told that in clinical practice, they had never encountered patients with allergy because of other people's saliva, so he could not determine that the cause of allergy was saliva. He said that another possibility is whether the man's face is coated with any interior decoration materials. 1. Cosmetics have developed and evolved from handmade, bulk, on-site production and processing to factory standardized, modular, intensive, on-site integrated installation, and his girlfriend is allergic to such cosmetics

Expert: she may have wronged her boyfriend

Xu Huijuan, chief physician of the Department of Dermatology of Nanjing First Hospital, told her that she had never encountered a similar patient in clinical practice. According to the current known situation, she suspected that the man had eaten spicy and irritating food, or drunk alcohol, and then kissed Weiwei without gargling, resulting in the woman's allergy to food or alcohol

maxiaoling said that now there are many allergens that you can't imagine. A patient she visited was hospitalized for allergy, but when he was given anti allergic drugs, he unexpectedly caused a new round of allergy because of anti allergic drugs

Bao Jun said that the girl's allergy problem may not be caused by her boyfriend's saliva, and she may have wrongly blamed her boyfriend

exotic allergen

someone is even allergic to water

clothing allergy bentler Sigri has developed a lightweight, space saving composite plate spring for Volvo's multi model spa global platform

do you always feel skin discomfort when shopping and trying on clothes? Unexpectedly, clothes can also become allergens! In addition to being allergic to cotton itself, most people with clothing allergies are allergic to some synthetic materials, such as rubber materials, aldehyde resins, chemical additives, dyes, glues and so on

beer allergy

blush after only drinking a glass of beer? Patients with this allergy are actually allergic to hops, rye, corn, wheat and other substances contained in beer. The fermentation process in brewing will aggravate the sensitization effect

metal allergy

you won't expect that every 1million people in the world have skin allergy caused by metal. Especially in summer, the temperature rises sharply, and the amount of perspiration will also increase. Therefore, some friends with sensitive skin often feel that the parts wearing watches and ornaments are stuffy and hot, and even itchy and rash. This is skin metal allergy

sun allergy

the skin turns red and itchy after exposure to light. Don't mistake it for a sunburn symptom, which may be solar urticaria. Allergic to ultraviolet rays, you can't play games with sunshine

water allergy

some people are allergic to taking a shower or washing their hands in the morning. This allergy is called water-borne urticaria and is caused by very few compounds added to the water. Can life be worse if you are allergic to water

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