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Wonderware won the annual enterprise Frost & Sullivan Award

Wonderware, one of Invensys' business departments, won the 2006 enterprise frost Sullivan Award in the field of human machine interface (HMI) and manufacturing software solutions. Consumers have rated Wonderware as a highly responsive company, consistently fulfilling its commitments, and showing its superiority in providing successful solutions to users around the world. These solutions solve information management challenges in an increasingly complex global environment

in today's competitive world, enterprises have to maximize the use of their existing assets. These enterprises increasingly consider manufacturing software that can be implemented on a global scale, and apply existing software systems everywhere. Wonderware's software solutions leverage the unique Invensys archestra factory automation and information software architecture to easily integrate IT enterprise systems while maximizing the use of traditional factory systems. Wonderware's advanced software platform takes full advantage of microsoft Net enables Wonderware solutions to be closely integrated with existing traditional systems, including advanced basic materials, key strategic materials and cutting-edge new materials, to ensure user productivity. Wonderware's world-class software development capabilities enable users to easily adopt updated software applications without discarding previous investments in automation and production systems. Wonderware solutions are based on its flexible archestra platform and are readily accepted by a large number of users worldwide in all industrial fields

the global system with different manufacturing needs and process needs has nothing to do with the actual use conditions of products. Manufacturing companies have noticed the need for more reusable projects to reduce development costs and time. When peer-to-peer group companies invest time in preparing and adjusting the formed solutions for each factory, Wonderware's component-based architecture allows the storage of engineering information, which comes from previous projects and exists in the form of templates, and can be reused in later application deployments. Archestra's global framework supports multiple languages and enables faster deployment of applications

the relevant case is Wonderware's first demonstration of its solution in multiple factories of the world's leading cigarette manufacturers. The real first implementation will take several weeks. However, for an enterprise wide first demonstration, reusing the engineering functional documents from the first implementation makes it possible to complete the subsequent implementation in one day, which greatly meets the requirements of users

users all over the world always believe that Wonderware can provide highly innovative solutions to meet their needs in China's sealing machine industry. Wonderware solutions cover different vertical industrial fields, with a wide range, and can solve all practical problems. Users are very satisfied with this. Wonderware's excellent tracking functionality and unique e-compliance initiative have emerged in the food and beverage industry as an industrial benchmark. Wonderware can provide users in the food and beverage industry with relevant real-time data, so that users can respond to abnormal events more quickly. For example, a major dairy supplier in Europe chose Wonderware's factory intelligence system, although it has installed the manufacturing implementation system (MES) in the appropriate location. Wonderware's architecture also applies the ISA S95 standard, which makes it easy to integrate different existing enterprise solutions. Its factory intelligence solutions also combine countless different traditional factory systems left over by enterprises in many ways. Wonderware solution can correctly transmit relevant quality data from different sources in real time, which provides users with full process visualization, thereby reducing the possibility of system recovery due to any errors

wonderware has always been able to anticipate future challenges and provide effective and innovative solutions. In the emerging markets of performance management solutions, Wonderware solutions' portfolio ability is unparalleled. By authorizing factory staff to speed up decision-making, we can improve the profitability of decision-making. Therefore, we use lm78053 terminal voltage regulator to stabilize the 12V voltage taken out. Business managers can now monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) in real time and initiate dynamic operations to improve business processes. Smart alliances with leading software providers also help Wonderware further expand its vast existing user base. Wonderware's great success in human machine interface (HMI) and management control and data acquisition (SCADA) solutions has helped it grow faster than ever before and surpass its competitors

the unique performance of archestra software architecture is to use the benefits of reducing complexity to combine various functions into a single application, reduce the number of separate applications, and save costs in design and application deployment, which truly proves that Wonderware deserves the 2006 annual enterprise award in the field of HMI and manufacturing software solutions

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