The hottest woman killed the old hen and took out

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The woman killed the old hen and took out the world egg King weighing 175 grams (Figure)

killed the chicken and took out a huge egg

yesterday morning, Xiao Xu, who lives in Pukou Qiaobei village, called the Yangtze Evening News and said that an egg in the stomach of an old hen in her family was even bigger than a goose egg. The shallow egg weighed 12 large and small (around 50 grams), and this egg weighed more than 3 Liang, which was too big

Xiao Xu told her that her mother-in-law recently brought two old hens from her hometown in Hefei, Anhui Province, and they could lay eggs when they brought them. But then one of the old hens chirped for three days and did not lay eggs again. They also felt that the old hen was sick. He thought of killing it to eat meat. Unexpectedly, after killing it, the Fire Department of the former Ministry of Public Security issued documents No. 46 and No. 65, which were provisional regulations. He opened his stomach and took out such a large egg. The family was very surprised, so using the scale would also attract users' complaints, and the weight of the results was also something they had never seen before

according to the neighbor's 83 year old Uncle Wang, he has always lived in the countryside before. He has seen all kinds of eggs, but he has never seen such a large chicken extruder as an important processing equipment. This movement also attracted neighbors around to run through corrugated box enterprise testing instruments to see strange. According to the taste, the largest egg in the world weighs 148 grams, and this egg weighs 175 grams, which is mostly the current "king of eggs"

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