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The woman who bicycled into the hovering drone "flying hand" was arrested on suspicion of a crime

Liu, who lives in Yangbu Town, Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province, did not expect that the path she rode home from work in a battery car on the afternoon of September 3 had become the dividing line of her life

on this day, when she was riding through dafentou village, she suddenly hit a drone hovering about 1 meter above the ground, and she overturned into the roadside ditch with her car and people

when she was lifted up, the back of her head was bleeding, and half of her little thumb was cut off. After craniotomy in the hospital, this is the product to be shipped to Kazakhstan. So far, she has not woken up...

the UAV involved is a plant protection UAV with a diameter of 1 meter and can carry 10 kg of pesticides.

the UAV collided with Liu's, from a technology company in Zhejiang Province. Those days, their company was entrusted by an agricultural company, Spraying rice with bacterial blight is still a new topic of pesticides. The day of the accident was their third day of local operation

compared with manual spraying, the efficiency of UAV is very high. This kind of UAV used for plant protection, each wing handle is about 1 meter long, has four rotors, and can load 10 kg of liquid medicine at a time, which can be sprayed in five or six minutes

in addition to a remote control, the UAV is also connected to through an app, which can check the power and the remaining liquid medicine at any time. After the liquid medicine is sprayed, it needs to land and reload

this time, the accident happened when the UAV ran out of liquid medicine. It is important to keep the sample at the bottom of the instrument when preparing to descend and fill the liquid medicine

"flying hand" Chen said that at that time, as usual, he controlled the UAV to descend to a road five or six meters away from him, ready to install pesticides

"at the time of the accident, the UAV was hovering about 1 meter away from the road ground." Chen said that UAVs generally need to hover before landing, and then land after observation

but this time, before he had time to observe carefully, Liu directly hit the rotor of the UAV by riding a battery car and fell into a ditch on the side of the road...

Chen immediately worked with several colleagues to rescue Liu, called an ambulance and called "110" to call the police

"pilot" has a pilot license, but said "no" to several key issues.

different from the "black pilot" that was often seen in the newspapers before, the UAV that "made trouble" this time is not "black". Its company has the "civil UAV pilot aircraft operation license", and its "pilot" Chen has a UAV license issued by the Civil Aviation Administration of China. It is understood that the UAV is also insured by accident

but when asked "can such drones take off and land on the road? Have you trained in the operating specifications and procedures of pesticide spraying drones when taking the corresponding certificate? Does the company have relevant regulations", Chen said that there are no relevant regulations, he has not received such training, and there is no written regulation that drones cannot take off or land over the road, including 1.47 million tons in Asia

and Mr. Chen said that warning signs are generally not set around when UAVs take off and land. "There is no provision in this regard, which mainly depends on the observation of operators."

for Liu's injury, the preliminary opinion of Jinhua Judicial Expertise Center is that it constitutes at least grade II serious injury. On September 18, the Wucheng District Procuratorate of Jinhua City approved the arrest of Chen on suspicion of causing serious injury through negligence

■ the prosecutor said:

in this case, the suspect Chen has been working in the village for three days, and it was the villagers' off-duty time at that time. As a UAV operator, he was blindly confident and neglected to observe the surrounding conditions, resulting in the victim's unconscious after hitting the UAV, causing serious consequences of the victim's serious injury, His behavior is suspected of causing serious injury through negligence

in recent years, due to the failure of UAV or the improper operation of "flying hand", UAV injuries have occurred frequently. At present, China has not passed legislation to manage UAV flight. In reality, it relies heavily on the self-discipline of the association and "pilots", but the association only plays a coordinating role in some flight applications, and has no management function. Its daily management still depends on the management of the public security department and the civil aviation department

the Civil Aviation Administration has issued the measures for the administration of commercial flight activities of civil unmanned aerial vehicles (Provisional), the measures for the administration of air traffic in civil unmanned aerial vehicle systems, and the regulations on the administration of civil unmanned aerial vehicle pilots to regulate the administration of unmanned aerial vehicle flight. The provisional regulations on the administration of unmanned aerial vehicle flight (Draft for comments) was publicly solicited for comments in January this year. For the standardized development of unmanned aerial vehicles, relevant departments are gradually improving the rules and regulations

the procurator in charge believes that in order to avoid the occurrence of UAV injuries as far as possible, it is necessary to strengthen relevant legislation and publicity. For example, the absence of significant warning lights during UAV operation and the absence of protective covers outside the propeller blades are safety design defects, and production design standards should be formulated for these aspects; During the operation of UAV, warning signs shall be set near the landing point. In addition, we should not only strengthen the examination of UAV flight qualification, but also improve the awareness of "pilots" about flight safety, so as to avoid the recurrence of such cases

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