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Wonderful upgrade! On the second day of the opening of the 82nd China International Medical Devices CMEF autumn Expo, after yesterday's small show of strength, Heqing flex perfectly demonstrated the latest R & D achievements and brand strength of flexible electronic technology in the medical field. A large number of professional visitors were attracted to stop for experience and exchange through the on-site company and product publicity, professional explanation, game interaction, etc

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the Heqing flexible electric booth is located in s2-h33. With flexible electronic technology as the core, it is divided into flexible wearable medical device display experience area, future product display area, flexible electronic components display area, large screen interaction area, customer negotiation area, etc., presenting a feast of high-tech wearable medical devices for the majority of exhibitors

the exhibition area of wearable medical devices is full of people

this exhibition, wearable medical devices occupy position C of Heqing flexible electricity booth, which focuses on the practical application and research and development achievements of flexible electronic technology in the medical industry, including household medical ECG monitors, body temperature monitors, sleep monitors, ECG monitoring clothes for exercise monitoring, and the corresponding monitoring systems inside and outside the hospital. Among them, ECG monitor and temperature monitor have obtained the national class II medical device certification

through the display of a complete set of products and monitoring systems, it perfectly presents that in the context of Mobile Smart medicine, wearable devices can help patients realize dynamic vital sign data monitoring, provide real-time vital sign data, and enable it to realize the multi-purpose real-time early warning of universal laboratory machines, and realize the integrated remote screening and diagnosis inside and outside the hospital, so as to truly help patients no longer be limited to the hospital's medical environment, The screening and prevention of diseases that can reduce the comprehensive energy consumption of products by more than 50% can be easily realized at home. The whole exhibition area of flexible wearable devices has attracted countless professional audiences and dealers to stop to watch and have in-depth communication and understanding

the future product exhibition area has triggered infinite Association.

in addition to the flexible wearable medical devices that have been developed at this stage and have obtained national certification, Heqing flexible also applies the flexible electronic core technology to other fields of medical treatment. For example, the fetal/maternal heart rate recorder for fetal heart rate monitoring presented in this exhibition is made of non combustible plastic Continuous auscultation recorder for bowel sound monitoring, flexible ion introduction eye patch for medical and aesthetic industry, etc

on site experience ion introduction eye mask

in addition, Heqing flexible will fully apply flexible electronic technology to the medical industry. In the future, it will not only be used as a product to monitor ECG, blood oxygen, blood pressure, fetal heart rate and other vital signs, but more importantly, flexible electronic technology will make a breakthrough in the treatment and rehabilitation industry, and truly realize degradable implantable tablets, transdermal drug delivery technology Special structures such as ultrasonic blood pressure regulation technology have led to changes in performance and product development

on site explanation of future products

flexible components exhibition area

the existing wearable medical devices of Heqing flex at this stage, as well as the products planned in the future, are inseparable from the flexible electronic technology that has been cultivated for many years. This exhibition shows various functional components of flexible electronic technology in the medical field, including flexible non-invasive blood glucose monitors, flexible piezoelectric sensors, flexible blood oxygen sensors, breast cancer monitors, etc

flexible electronic technology, with its super flexible material technology, is not comfortable to use; It can fit with the skin in general, and make the material complete the transformation of light, thin and soft. It can make the product small and light, and realize mobile long-term continuous monitoring at the same time. It can be said that flexible electronics was born to solve the pain points of the medical industry

the large screen interaction area continues to be popular

after yesterday's on-site company and product publicity, as well as the large screen game interaction, the booth atmosphere of Heqing softpower has reached a climax. Today, the booth activities continued to heat up, and the atmosphere of the exhibition was pushed to an unprecedented level through two company and product presentations in the morning and afternoon, as well as a variety of large screen interactive games

yesterday, he qingroudian made a small test of his strength and showed his ferocity for the first time; Today, the Heqing soft battery shines brightly in the audience; Tomorrow, Heqing softpower sincerely invites s2-h33 to discuss opportunities and share the future

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