The hottest woman is not inferior to the man. Zhij

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Women don't lose men. Zhijie's ability to paint "gold makeup"

women don't lose men. Zhijie's ability to paint "gold makeup"

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women don't lose men. Zhijie's ability to paint "gold makeup"

-- a record of XCMG LHD. At present, Yan Hongjiao, a coating worker in the sheet parts branch of the machinery business department, passed through the pedestrian passage under the night, in a closed and shiny paint booth, A painting worker in white protective clothing was busy shuttling back and forth. Although her tight protective clothing and airtight "gas mask" covered her face, she could still be recognized as Yan Hongjiao, the only female spray painter in the sheet metal branch. After graduating from XCMG technical school in 2002, she began to work in painting for 16 years. During this period, the company moved from the west of the city "at the gate of home" to 252. The trend of environmental protection in 2016 may completely eliminate most of the east of the city, kilometers away from small and medium-sized paper enterprises. Riding an electric bicycle, she spent nearly 60 minutes per way and rode for more than 2000 days day after day

"coming to XCMG is the most correct choice in my life"

in 1999, 17-year-old Yan Hongjiao entered the unknown XCMG technical school and became the second painting student of XCMG technical school. After two years of study, he entered XCMG as he wished and became a "blue collar state-owned enterprise". However, unlike in schools, a large number of products are waiting to be painted, and the strong paint smell is more pungent

just as she was about to give up running away, her father suddenly had a cerebral infarction and was in hospital, desperately in need of money to save his life. At this time, my sister has been married, and there are old people and children to take care of. Therefore, the burden of life is on Yan Hongjiao's weak shoulders. After knowing this, the leaders of the factory visited the hospital at the first time and paid a treatment fee. Yan Hongjiao was greatly touched by this incident. From then on, she never shouted bitterness or fatigue. She worked hard during the day and went to the hospital at night to replace her tired mother, scrubbing her father's body and washing the bedpan. In this way, she has shouldered the heavy responsibility of taking care of her father for 15 years, and has been firmly shouldering it

"at that time, I didn't even know the factory leaders. They were so considerate, which gave me great encouragement. Coming to XCMG was the most correct choice in my life." Yan Hongjiao said with red eyes and a strong smile

"I regard spray painting as makeup. How can I go out if I don't melt well!"

when it comes to painting, Yan Hongjiao tossed the initial twist and talked endlessly. "I use spray paint as makeup. How can I go out if I don't melt well!" As the only female spray paint worker in the sheet metal factory, Yan Hongjiao didn't feel lonely, nor did she feel bitter, dirty and tired. On the contrary, she more enjoyed the feeling of waving the spray gun, "holding the spray gun, I feel secure." In the stuffy and closed spray booth with a temperature of 40 ℃, she was not afraid of the heat, and the spray gun and arm were integrated and danced steadily

in December 2017, there was a color difference in the painting of the cab. Yan Hongjiao, who was on the night shift, did not return to the home with good compatibility between SEBS foaming material and EVA after work in the morning. He followed the technicians to verify and proofread various painting parameters. Finally, it is determined that the reason for the color difference is the insufficient temperature of the drying furnace. Therefore, the technical team adjusted the drying parameters and added temperature detection devices with stable mechanical performance at the inlet and outlet of the drying furnace. After work, as long as she was free, Yan Hongjiao ran to the exit to check the temperature value and paint color value, and finally controlled the rebound of color difference, reducing the repair rate by more than 20%

"I just don't admit defeat, that is, I want to do the work with the highest requirements."

after working, Yan Hongjiao didn't forget to strengthen her study. Through her efforts, she obtained the certificate of senior coating worker and technician, won the champion in the coating skill competition carried out by the branch factory, and won the title of all-round worker. At the same time, she obtained the certification qualification of "enterprise technician" under the encouragement of "double certification" talents of the business department

"I used to be poor in technology and couldn't be ranked in the section. I just didn't admit defeat. I just wanted to do the work with the highest requirements." Referring to technology, Yan Hongjiao bowed her head in embarrassment and told a story. In the early stage of the 2008 BMW Shanghai exhibition, the star product xt870 digging and installing machine of special machinery company was determined to participate in the exhibition. Due to the special requirements for paint, the whole machine needs to be repainted. After receiving the task, the section chief called several old employees to study how to solve the problem of color difference in the coating of the whole machine. Yan Hongjiao couldn't sit still and volunteered to participate in the project. Unexpectedly, Duan Chang refused, "this is an exhibition car. You'd better practice again."

Yan Hongjiao was not discouraged, but silently sank down and plunged into the ocean of knowledge to improve painting technology. If you have a little spare time, you can ask the masters for advice, consult books and materials, and enrich theoretical knowledge. The efforts are worthy of those who have made great efforts. The 2010 Shanghai BMW exhibition arrived on schedule in an anxious wait. Yan Hongjiao, who has been in charge of painting technology, was named to undertake the painting task of the participating cars, and she did not live up to everyone's expectations and completed the task as scheduled. When she saw Xu Gongjin, who had changed her new clothes by herself, slowly drive out of the gate and run to the BMW exhibition in the sunshine, she suddenly cried, like a child

sixteen years is the most beautiful time of girls' youth. Because they chose XCMG, "Yan Hongjiao" sublimated their ignorance of beauty into their pursuit and belief in beauty. Every XCMG product is dressed up with the spray gun in your hand. Beautiful people and beautiful machinery render the XCMG spirit of never forgetting your original intention, sticking to your post, being dutiful and conscientious. "Everest Summit" is a group of unknown and lonely Xu workers who climb with love, love and life

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