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Wonderware releases industrypack software products for the water and wastewater industry

recently, a business unit of Wonderware and Invensys Systems Co., Ltd. officially released industrypack software products for the water and wastewater industry. The software is specially designed for the water and wastewater industry to improve the overall productivity of equipment operation. It is the first in the industrial software package series introduced by Wonderware. Wonderware is committed to developing specific vertical market areas and providing a single and unified software platform to integrate real-time information with business critical applications

wonderware's water and wastewater industrypack software product is a set of pre configured application templates and graphics, especially built for water and wastewater enterprises and municipal authorities. Later this month, customer support members can download the software. Preconfigured content enables system engineers to minimize overall costs and the complexity associated with creating and managing water and wastewater systems. In addition, it can also locate the key problems faced by the industry, such as labor loss, business requirements, enterprise factors, source water supply and aging infrastructure

wonderware's industrial cupping machine experimental principle is relatively simple to operate. Rypack software products are oriented to the operation of municipal water and wastewater and the treatment of industrial water and wastewater, and archestra technology is used to provide higher productivity and ease of use. The unified archestra software architecture simplifies the reporting and management functions performed by operators, so that these operators can build systems that are easy to replicate in multiple industrial sites

"at present, many companies provide SCADA and HMI solutions for the water and wastewater market, but this industry needs a comprehensive solution to meet the more stringent environmental requirements of today's Municipal Council," said Mr. robmcgreevy, director of Wonderware's industry marketing team. "By adding industry-specific content and applications to Wonderware system platform 3.0 software, Wonderware can provide an excellent choice different from traditional SCADA system solutions. Among them, system platform 3.0 software is built based on archestra technology. Archestra technology can integrate applications covering all departments and functions, so as to create a comprehensive and real-time operation and management environment for modern municipal authorities."

strive to achieve full coverage, strong guarantee and zero defects in the development of civil aircraft materials. For the production environment, the synchronization of the water treatment system and the overall production operation provides a higher operating efficiency and compliance with the requirements of the specification for whether the sample is broken during the inspection and experiment process. Wonderware's software products can integrate almost all data sources and convert raw data and events into useful information, which helps to reduce operating costs, identify hidden invalid operations, and provide more cost-effective operations. Extensive flexibility and scalability enable users to expand operations or change workflow when operational requirements change

"archestra architecture applies an easy-to-use and component object-based environment to the development of standard water and wastewater operation and management solutions, so it is very suitable for water and wastewater applications," said eduardoballina, who also needs to design another communication adapter, Mr. SCADA solution industry manager of Wonderware. "This greatly improves productivity and controls the overall cost of managing and deploying solutions."

more than 28000 Wonderware software licenses are used at water and wastewater sites worldwide, which can be used to manage plant operations. Wonderware has provided one-click software upgrades since 1990, and ensured that water system operators can gain long-term experience from proven software platforms and personal support through a global network that includes local distributors and system integrators. This provides flexibility in how the solution is built and the ability to choose how to implement and maintain the system

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