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Wood and iron instead of wood packaging appliances are the development direction of flat glass packaging

at present, the main packaging of flat glass in China is wood packaging, accounting for more than 70%, which not only causes a large waste of wood resources, but also leads to the high packaging cost of already low profit flat glass products. Vigorously developing iron and wood instead of packaging appliances has become an urgent need for flat glass production enterprises. The flat glass research team has made a series of progress in graphene composite catalyst, new structure air cathode, metal anode alloying, single cell preparation process and other aspects. The quality and structural performance indicators of packaging equipment are related to the breakage rate, air return and maintenance cost of glass

therefore, the development direction of flat glass packaging improvement is to further optimize the structure of flat glass packaging appliances, develop and improve containerized packaging, and constantly improve the level of containerized packaging and continuous transportation

the currently developed and tried out folding racks and used suit racks are the preferred rack types, which have laid a material foundation for the consolidation of packaging; Large size float glass is most suitable for containerization, which can effectively reduce packaging costs and damage. The National Center for quality supervision and inspection of flat glass containers in the building materials industry also suggested that the consolidation of flat glass packaging should be cultivated and developed as an industry. If some cross regional flat glass container storage companies can be cultivated, the national flat glass container transportation and the deployment of container equipment can be managed in a unified way, which is of great benefit to 2. Promote the standardization and connection of the whole industry in practical work

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