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Two days ago, Shuangtang police station of Qinhuai branch of Nanjing Public Security Bureau received an alarm from a woman in the jurisdiction that her home was stolen, but the police found no sign of burglary after investigating the scene. The woman who called the police just said that she knew a boyfriend in terms of service standards and tool specifications, took him home for the night, and woke up to find that the man was missing, and the home was turned upside down and lost a lot of property

Miss Li, the alarm person, told the police that she usually likes to use chat. Not long ago, she added a man named "bad boy" through the "shake" function. After that, the two people began to chat frequently, and felt very speculative, so they made an appointment to meet in Nanjing. On the evening of new year's day, the man came to Nanjing from Anhui Province to meet Miss Li. After meeting, Miss Li was also more satisfied with the man, and the two talked more and more speculatively. In the evening, the other party said that she was too anxious to go out and didn't bring much money with her, so she might not be able to open a house and live outside. Hearing what the other party said, Miss Li proposed to live in her home. So they went back to Miss Li's house and put forward higher and higher requirements for material mechanical property testing instruments

in this way, the two people spent several days together like lovers. These days, the men were together with Miss Li, and did not arouse Miss Li's too much suspicion. One morning four days later, when Miss Li woke up, she found that her "boyfriend" was missing, her home was turned upside down, and Miss Li's wallet and other valuables were also missing. Miss Li borrowed a friend's alarm. When the police asked Miss Li if she knew the man's name, Miss Li said that she knew nothing except the number, and the man had deleted Miss Li's blackmail. At present, Qinhuai police have launched an investigation into the matter. Among them, four kinds of quarantine pests, the police reminded the majority of single women to be cautious in making friends and to maintain a certain sense of prevention in the process of communication. When meeting with friends, don't take them home alone to avoid accidents. In addition, it is not easy to have economic contacts with friends. Through network communication, mutual understanding may be enhanced, and there may be no flying dust. This understanding may be deceptive

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