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Women's basketball Asian Cup: China's victory over New Zealand made a good start

release date: Source: Xinhua News Agency

the 2019 women's basketball Asian Cup was officially held in Bangalore, India, on the 24th. We have started with Tier 1 suppliers and Fraunhofer igcv1. In a competition in group B, the Chinese women's basketball team, which was once in a low state after the opening, swept away the decline in the second half, and finally defeated New Zealand 67-44 to usher in a good start to the Asian women's basketball cup

after the opening, the prepared New Zealand team will be based on defense, so as to ensure the accuracy of the test data. Frequency will cause mistakes of the Chinese team. The increasingly impatient Chinese women's basketball team continued to feel cold, drawing only 8-8 with its opponents at the end of the first quarter

in the second quarter, Li Yueru, the core of the Chinese team, was still in a dogfight, while the New Zealand team broke through and surpassed the score many times. Young player Li Yuan stepped forward before the end of the half-time, and her two long shots helped the Chinese team regain a 21-17 lead into the second half

the Chinese team began to speed up in the third quarter and forced the other side to request a pause after a series of counterattacks. After the defensive intensity decreased, the New Zealand team was also disorganized on the offensive end and could only rely on the long-range shot of veteran Mikaela Cox. After Wu Tongtong hit three points, he hit 2+1 in the fast break at the end of this quarter. The Chinese team, which regained its offensive rhythm, entered the last quarter with a 13 point lead

in the last quarter of the game, the New Zealand team launched a counterattack, and after Antonia Edmondson successfully layup, the difference was close to 10 points. At the critical moment, Yang Liwei and Li Yuanli suddenly pitched outside to lock the victory for the Chinese team. Finally, the Chinese team defeated New Zealand 67-44

in this game, shaoting and Li Yuan contributed 13 points to the Chinese team respectively, and Li Yueru got 6 points and 14 rebounds

in the remaining three games of the day, the South Korean team defeated Chinese Taipei at 48:44; Defending champion Japan swept host India 103-27; Australia, which scored double points with eight people, defeated the Philippines 123-57, and the former outnumbered its opponents by 51 rebounds

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