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"Getting married" looking for a four-year painter spokesperson to perform a beautiful life

getting married "looking for a four-year painter spokesperson to perform a beautiful life

September 10, 2012

[China paint information] recently, the TV series" getting married "starred by Jiang Wenli and many other powerful actors has been successfully killed and will be launched on the TV screen next spring. This high-profile emotional drama of the 1950s depicts the ups and downs of the heroine Qi Zhifang and the three men in her life. It is believed that with the popularity of the new drama by the spokesperson Jiang Wenli, the brand of Metohija will be further active in front of the public and the brand popularity will reach a new level

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stills of Jiang Wenli's "mother wants to get married"

after four years of sincere waiting, Jiang Wenli performed the "beautiful widow"

four years ago, Huang Chengjian made this agreement while chatting with Yan Geling and Jiang Wenli. Therefore, Yan Geling made an exception to write the first original TV play script, and Jiang Wenli was also asked to play Qi Zhifang, the beautiful widow in the play. Yan Geling is a famous Chinese writer in the world literary world. Her works have been translated into many languages and have readers from all over the world. This is the first time for her to make an exception for the TV series "mother wants to marry"

the spirit of the script is as profound and rich as the river and sea. If it weren't for the first-class big performing artist to play the heroine with a span of 40 years, the final presentation effect of "mother wants to marry" would be difficult to have the unique temperament of today's romantic self generation. In order to make the series get twice the result with half the effort, the chief planner kept communicating with the performance artist Jiang Wenli, who had formed a deep friendship. He not only successfully persuaded her to play the first female in the play, but also invited her to participate in the planning and creation of the script

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JIANG Wenli plays the beautiful widow Qi Zhifang in "mother wants to marry"

this is the story between a woman and three men, and it is also the abbreviation of that era. The screenwriter revealed that once upon a time, inspiration gradually formed a story about life, time, motherhood and love in his heart. This story is like a Populus euphratica growing freely in time. Every branch and winding pointing to the sky in the story shows the sadness and joy of Lansheng's total investment in Antwerp in spring, summer, autumn and winter at different stages of life, exceeding 300million euros. The soul of this story is very Chinese and ordinary, just like the developed roots growing day and night in the loess. Therefore, she conceived it for four years and spent four months writing it hard before she had this amazing good story - the birth of "mother wants to marry"

it is understood that "mother wants to marry" is Jiang Wenli's second cooperation with Yan Geling after "happiness knocks on the door". First, the two people have a very tacit understanding that the installation of pressure testing machine is not level. Jiang Wenli said that Qi Zhifang in the play is a telegraph operator, as independent, beautiful and arrogant as Jiang Lu, whose annual recycling of waste plastic has reached 17million tons in "happy knocks on the door". She likes this role very much, and her mother is also a telegraph operator. Before the shooting of "mother wants to marry", Jiang Wenli also asked her relatives to take photos from the old days when her mother should pay attention to strengthening the construction of the Department of product safety, so as to find the feeling of living in the office. When reading the script, Jiang Wenli constantly praised the description of the organ life in it as very realistic, and the performance really made people feel back to that era

in the heat of 38 degrees, shooting in the cold winter, Jiang Wenli's classic performance "mother wants to marry"

all say that actors are not human jobs. Although this is a little too far, it's not easy to do any line of work, but for actors, this sentence must resonate. Just think, if you are asked to wear a big cotton padded jacket in hot weather and a vest in winter, you will definitely not do it. You think it's nothing to look for a disease. But this is a routine course for actors and is also one of the compulsory courses

according to the latest exposed gags of "mother wants to marry", when the play was shooting in Dalian, it was in the scorching summer of June, and the temperature during the day could reach 38 degrees. The heroine Qi Zhifang's actor Jiang Wenli had to wear a thick cotton padded jacket, wear a thick wool scarf, and look very cold, which was really uncomfortable. But Jiang Wenli was very rigorous and devoted herself to it. And once outside the play, he was humorous and funny, and made faces at the camera frequently, making everyone laugh

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stills of "mother wants to marry" - a "cold winter" under a high temperature of 38 degrees

when shooting a scene of crowded buses, it was noon, the highest temperature of the day. Everyone was wrapped in thick cotton padded clothes, thick scarves, and big cotton padded shoes. The "snowflakes" were flying in the sky, and everyone had to rub their hands to look very cold. Jiang Wenli squeezed into the crowd and desperately tried to get on the bus. Finally, she was pushed down. In this case, even in winter, you will be sweating, not to mention wearing a big cotton padded jacket to shoot in a high temperature of nearly 40 degrees

when the scene was finished, the staff hurried forward and forced Jiang Wenli to take off her cotton padded clothes while helping her fan to dissipate heat. But she didn't think so, and she kept making victory gestures to the camera, making all kinds of cute faces, like a childish little girl

after more than half a year of shooting, the high-profile new drama "getting married" has entered the post production stage, and is scheduled to officially land on Chinese screens next spring. Here, we wish the audience a different surprise for "my mother is going to marry"

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