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Wonderware injects vitality into the automation industry

Wonderware, which belongs to Invensys group in the UK, has been focusing on the research and development of automation software and services. Its InTouch is the pioneer of configuration software, which is famous in the world and has won many awards. Archestra software development platform is the first to create the same platform concept, which reflects the company's design idea of "one through one". On May 15th, 2009, Wonderware was selected as the company with the most "outstanding customer value" by Frost & Sullivan, an industrial research and consulting company, once again demonstrating its strength in controlling software and service businesses

as one of the most widely used products in the monitoring configuration software industry, InTouch, which takes the lead, must have its unique advantages in functions and characteristics. From version 2.0, which was born in 1989, to the latest version 10.1, InTouch has always followed the main features welcomed by customers: easy to use and reliable, rich hardware device connections, convenient deployment, support for rapid modification, flexible architecture, convenient and practical utility programs, etc. After the release of version 10.0, its more powerful functions make InTouch continue to lead the industry. These powerful functions include: realistic archestra graphic display, InTouch applications hosted in Wonderware system platform, remote deployment and maintenance of hosted InTouch applications, and integration with Wonderware system platform

judging from the current needs of various industries, more and more customers are no longer satisfied with the functions of the previous HMI monitoring software. They are looking forward to the emergence of a larger scale system, which can centrally monitor the equipment operation and production operation of various stations in the enterprise, and hope that multiple different process systems can also achieve unified monitoring. In addition, the agile requirements of the market have further put forward requirements for the speed and efficiency of the project. At the same time, customers' current systems also increasingly require better integration and integration with MES and ERP, which actually puts forward higher integration requirements for the monitoring configuration software industry. In general, current customers put forward higher requirements for the entire monitoring configuration software: larger scale support, stronger distributed architecture, more flexible configuration methods, more efficient engineering implementation, and better system integration

according to the characteristics of different industries, some suppliers choose to develop industry-specific software or cooperate with industry integrators, while Wonderware has always adhered to the strategy of its own software platform manufacturers. In the industry, Wonderware has been cooperating with industry partners to launch different industry solutions, and these solutions are developed on Wonderware's software platform. These solutions are no longer just industry specific versions, but successful application models one by one

powerful integrated platform

with the continuous globalization of customer business and the continuous improvement of enterprise real-time integration needs, Wonderware has launched a unified software platform and supporting manufacturing application software. This integrated platform, called system platform, has multiple functions and can easily integrate customers' existing systems and architectures

wonderware has maintained partnership with many system integrators. Through the system platform and Invensys archestra technology, it has provided customers with terminal product suite software to help them improve their competitiveness, which has been widely recognized in the industry. Wonderware system platform is a comprehensive platform developed based on archestra technology, on which data collection and different solutions can be run. With this architecture, different control software and information in the whole enterprise can be seamlessly connected, managed and controlled uniformly

frost & all machines can't work normally. Sullivan senior research analyst and team leader muthuraman Ramasamy once commented: "Wonderware's automation and information system is based on an integrated platform, and its value proposition is that the end-user's business is the center. Wonderware skillfully realizes the collaborative deployment of process and production control within the enterprise, ensuring that benefit related decisions can be implemented immediately, so as to seize the opportunity." In fact, more than 33% of the world's factories have been using Wonderware's integrated platform, which can maximize the overall efficiency of the process and make the overall view of organizational decision-making clearer, so as to maintain the continuous growth of profits

mark Davidson, vice president of global marketing of Wonderware, once said, "Wonderware owes its honor to innovative products and effective customer implementation that we have achieved together with our partners, which verifies our strategy: to provide highly configurable and effective solutions so that customers can keep up with cost control and changing market needs"

opsmanage '09

perhaps, with the theme of "stimulating innovation and achieving real-time operational excellence", the 2008 wonderworld industrial seminar series activities of Jinan trial to cheer for the Paralympic Games have not yet faded, and the 2009 opsmanage and wonderworld conference will set sail again

according to the latest news of Wonderware, the 2009 opsmanage and wonderworld global tour seminar will be officially launched in Anaheim, California, on November 13, 2009, and the China station will be held in Shanghai Hilton Hotel on November 17, 2009 until the equipment is in normal working condition. In addition to the contents of the traditional wonderworld conference, this seminar will also give a comprehensive demonstration of the latest solutions of Invensys' operation management department (IOM) and its open partner ecosystem, including on-site demonstrations of Invensys' avantis, EUROTHERM, infusion, Foxboro, SIMSCI esscor, Triconex and Wonderware's latest products and services. As the global sponsor of this event, Microsoft will discuss the results of Invensys and its users' cooperative innovation using the latest Microsoft technology

iom vice president of global marketing mark Davidson once said: "This series of activities will make participants deeply feel how the integration of IOM products and services can help customers cooperate with us more easily, and also help accelerate innovation, so as to achieve cost savings and better collaboration, and improve operations in real time. 2009 opsmanage and wonderworld conference will be a comprehensive experience, so that participants can deeply understand how Wonderware's integration capabilities can help Help users collaborate with systems and people that cover their entire enterprise, and ultimately achieve the sustainability of business excellence. "

it is reported that this series of activities will include a series of training and education seminars on the sustainable development of resources and the performance management of the industry, which is still in the stage of industrialization, informatization, urbanization, marketization and internationalization. It is committed to making the production and manufacturing and infrastructure operation get effective technical implementation and best business practice. The speeches and demonstrations at the conference will cover the areas of asset management and asset effectiveness, mobile solutions, security practices, manufacturing intelligence, process automation and energy management. The forum will focus on special vertical industries, including food and beverage, mining, metals and minerals, equipment management, power, water/wastewater treatment, upstream oil and gas, pharmaceutical and chemical industries

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