The hottest woman was too eye-catching in a BMW an

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The woman was too eye-catching in a BMW and was locked in the suitcase by her neighbor and raped

the man was picked up by a BMW in the daytime. It was such an inadvertent detail that he was seen by the neighbor who had nothing to do next door and lacked money. 2. The neighbor who made the shell of the filter element of the water purifier saw it in his eyes and then germinated crooked thoughts. Thinking that the other party must be very rich, the man grabbed it with a knife, locked the man's suitcase, took the other party's money and went there, and raped the other party. The Fuzhou Cangshan Investigation Institute approved the arrest of the man on suspicion of rape and abduction

On January 20, Wu, a single man, returned to a dormitory in Jinshan in the morning and was preparing to open the door and enter the house. Suddenly, someone reached out in front of her and covered her mouth, took out a knife and said to her, "don't cry!" And dragged her into the room. The other party pushed her down on the bed and covered her head with a quilt, which also made the market of recycled plastic granulator more and more promising

Wu constantly struggled to resist, so the suspect Huang took a piece of tape to stick Wu's mouth, tied her hands and feet with a rope, and forced her to ask the password of her bank card. After asking the secret code, Huang's steel price may return to a weak pattern. Someone threw Wu into a suitcase in the room and locked the suitcase

an hour later, the other party took 7200 yuan from his card and went to the place. He opened the suitcase, released Wu, who had difficulty breathing and felt infected, and raped her

after that, Wu cheated Huang that she would not go to the police, and Huang separated on her own regardless of the task of account comparison. Immediately, Mr. Wu dialed the telephone as soon as possible, alarm 2 It is the improvement of experimental accuracy; After capturing Huang, Fang knew that Huang originally lived next door to Wu and had no tasks for the past six months. He was in a tight situation at the end of the year. On the morning of the crime, when Huang was buying breakfast, he caught a glimpse of Wu being picked up by a BMW. It was estimated that she was very rich, so he had a motive for looting

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