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Zoomlion's 80m carbon fiber pump truck was put into use in Shanxi at about 4:00 p.m. on July 3, elites of the national concrete industry, media representatives and local government leaders gathered in Lingshi, Shanxi, to witness the shocking construction scene of the 80m carbon fiber boom pump truck, a representative work of Zoomlion, a pumping machinery R & D expert. Lingyun's boom was vertically unfolded, pumping C25 concrete to a 19 story high building. The picture was spectacular

the shocking construction scene of the maintenance boom pump truck, Lingyun's boom is vertically unfolded, and C25 concrete is continuously pumped to high-rise buildings above 19 floors. The picture is spectacular

the best bridge length ratio creation

in the imagination of ordinary people, the 80 meter boom pump truck must be a clumsy behemoth. However, the Zoomlion 80 meter carbon fiber boom pump truck carried by the six bridge general chassis is still smart at the construction site, and the "very 6+1" boom design makes the cloth more convenient and free

on the premise of meeting international standards and ensuring safe application, using the chassis with the minimum number of axle bridges to carry a longer boom is the dream of the pump truck designer when carrying out the overall design layout of the pump truck, and it is also a comprehensive embodiment of the design ability and manufacturing ability of the equipment manufacturer. Zoomlion 3-bridge 50 meter carbon fiber boom, enterprise standards, industry standards and other pump trucks, 5-bridge 64 meter carbon fiber boom pump trucks, and now 6-bridge 80 meter carbon fiber boom pump trucks are classic works to achieve the optimal bridge length ratio. Zoomlion has applied the R & D technology of "bearing longer boom on the chassis with the minimum number of axles and bridges" to perfection

according to the staff, the less the number of axle bridges of the pump truck, the stronger the engineering adaptability. Due to the six axle universal chassis, this pump truck can easily enter the narrow construction site, and quickly expand its outriggers in a crowded construction site environment to adapt to more working conditions; Compared with the special chassis, the whole vehicle has better maintainability, stronger versatility of parts and components, lower operating costs, and can reduce fuel consumption by more than 15%. Because the full working condition load simulation and calculation are adopted in the design, and the CIFA boom safety technology is fully applied, the load distribution is uniform, the boom center of gravity is 10% lower than that of similar products, and the whole vehicle is safe and stable

mature carbon fiber boom technology

since 2009, many cutting-edge technologies leading the development trend of global concrete machinery have been born on the CIFA composite technology innovation platform of Zoomlion, among which the carbon fiber boom technology patented by Zoomlion worldwide is a sharp weapon to realize the vision of "manufacturing the best pump truck"

carbon fiber is the most cutting-edge lightweight material at present, with high-quality characteristics such as low density, high strength and non rusting. Its application fields continue to show the infinite possibilities of artificial intelligence in various industries in the future... It can be seen from Boeing airliner to Italian Ferrari sports car. Zoomlion CIFA has more than 10 global invention patents for carbon fiber boom, and is the only manufacturer in the world to realize the serialization and commercialization of carbon fiber boom pump trucks. Since CIFA began to independently develop carbon fiber boom in 2001, the world's first carbon fiber pump truck k45h has completed trial production and assessment in 2008, and then in 2011, the carbon fiber pump trucks with 50 meter six section boom on the third bridge, 64 meter six section boom on the fifth bridge, and 80 meter seven section boom on the sixth bridge have been successively launched. The South China Sea route is rich in resources, and Zoomlion's carbon fiber technology has matured

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