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Zongzi still failed to escape the "Curse" of over packaging.

however, it has been more than two years since the national standard "food and cosmetics required for restricting over packaging of goods" was issued on March 28, 2010. However, similar to moon cakes, tea, Baijiu and other foods that can also adopt a single sample processing system, zongzi still failed to escape the curse of over packaging. It is not uncommon for zongzi, a gift whose packaging is too gorgeous and whose price far exceeds its value

holiday food packaging is too luxurious to be called. Behind the exquisite and gorgeous packaging, on the one hand, there is the constant temptation of high profits to merchants, on the other hand, there is packaging waste caused by high consumption. The non practical function of packaging has been constantly amplified, and the one-sided pursuit of packaging to increase the added value of products has become the norm in the market. It is understood that China has become the country with the most serious situation of over packaging in the world. The volume of packaging waste accounts for 50% of solid waste, and the annual waste value is up to 4, thus helping agriculture to last for 100billion yuan

comments: Although the printing and packaging industry is closely related to people's lives, printing and packaging can be seen everywhere, its production process and industry development characteristics are not well known to people. The word "over packaging" is the most familiar word for consumers, which is on the lips and familiar to the heart. This result comes from the strong advocacy of the government, but even so, looking at the excessive packaging around us is still prohibited repeatedly. In order to get control, we must pay more attention to environmental protection for both producers and consumers, and the construction of concept is the first priority regardless of performance. In addition, on the one hand, we should speed up the introduction of relevant laws and regulations, on the other hand, we should strengthen the investigation and treatment. It can be seen that it has become an exciting new yarn effect to create this kind of yarn

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