The hottest zongzi goes into the vacuum bag

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Zongzi went into the vacuum bag

before the Dragon Boat Festival, they went into the major shopping malls in Guangzhou. The shelves carried the main body and dynamometer to the concrete. There were a wide range of Zongzi on the basis of concrete. Whether it was brand or variety, consumers' choice was greatly increased. Among all kinds of zongzi, the vacuum processed bagged zongzi has won the favor of consumers

zongzi are mostly wrapped with shade plant leaves, such as the winter leaves used for wrapping zongzi in Zhaoqing, Guangdong, and the leaves of reed stumps in Zhongshan, Guangdong. The fragrance of the leaves can highlight the flavor of zongzi, but the preservation period is short, and food hygiene is difficult to control. After the zongzi are wrapped, vacuum packaging can retain the original flavor of zongzi to the greatest extent, and the sanitation is guaranteed, with a long storage period. At the same time, the packaging technology also shows the strength of the manufacturer

Guangzhou Restaurant Group likoufu Food Co., Ltd. this year, all zongzi foods are packed in vacuum plastic, and zongzi can be stored for 60 days in an environment of degrees Celsius. This year, likuofu expects that the sales volume will not be sloppy, which will increase by 17% over last year. The central and Southern markets in the United States will grow at the fastest rate, some of which are sold to surrounding provinces. Vacuum packaging plays a great role in the transportation and storage process

the person in charge of likoufu Food Co., Ltd. said that with the rapid development of social division of labor, the green manufacturing industry and the continuous improvement of market requirements, zongzi, a traditional homemade festival food, has gradually entered the industrial production and entered the ranks of quick-frozen food

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