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Zoomlion Hannover agricultural machinery exhibition in advance

on November 8, the biennial Hannover International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition (agritechnica2015) will have a piano black and elegant visual effect. As the world's largest international exhibition of machinery and equipment applied to the agricultural field, it has always been a grand gathering "Carnival" for world-class enterprises, top technologies and professionals. At that time, Zoomlion will also attend with a series of new high-end agricultural machinery. What highlights will Zoomlion bring to the exhibition? Now let me tell you something

at this exhibition, Zoomlion will bring a series of new high-end agricultural machinery products, all of which are made by Zoomlion in accordance with world standards. It is reported that the Zoomlion brand tractor series products on display this time are jointly built by the team of Zoomlion's European R & D center and the team of Zoomlion's North American R & D center. The chassis technology and engine technology are synchronized with Europe, and the main parameters and performance meet European technical standards

Zoomlion Hannover agricultural machinery exhibition in Germany in advance

the high-end serialized products on display this time are works of passion that Zoomlion is developing. They adopt European design norms and standards, conform to international aesthetic concepts, fashionable and avant-garde LED lamp design, dynamic shape, sharp appearance, full and angular, showing the gene of international products; The interior has a strong sense of technology, and the process details are very ingenious, making the driving experience flexible and comfortable; The power system, drive front axle and electric control system of the whole vehicle all adopt European high-end technology and supplier resources, with fine and thoughtful assembly and full sense of quality; The whole vehicle with more than 200 horsepower adopts power shift technology, intelligent information and control technology, and can be equipped with European stageiib, stageiv and national emission standard power. The lightweight design of the car body has greatly enhanced the efficiency of power use

the high-end products on display this time are not "individual combat", but serialization. It shows that Zoomlion not only has world-class brands, but also has world-class high-end agricultural machinery serialization product innovation, R & D and manufacturing capabilities. Its international market competitiveness is becoming stronger and stronger, which will certainly refresh the global audience and become the focus of the world's attention at this exhibition

at the exhibition, Zoomlion agricultural equipment North America is complementary to improve the energy efficiency of plastic granulator process and prevent and control environmental pollution. Representatives of engineers from European research and development center, representatives of top suppliers in the world, representatives of European dealers, etc. will also meet with the audience to experience the charm of Zoomlion products. Such a world-class luxury agricultural machinery team from China has naturally broken the monopoly of foreign technology, which is also one of the biggest attractions of this exhibition

at this Hannover agricultural machinery exhibition, Zoomlion agricultural equipment will comprehensively display international products, international teams and the strength and connotation of globalization through the world stage

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