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exchange meeting (BICES 2019) kicked off in the new hall of China International Exhibition Center. With the theme of "building a dream for the future? Reaching the world", Earthmoving Machinery Co., Ltd. grandly released 10 new generation E-10 series products, and signed contracts with more than 20 strategic customers from all over the country on the same day, reaching cooperation with high efficiency, which fully demonstrated the strong market competitiveness of heavy science E-10 series products

Li Hongbao, Secretary General of the branch of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, sunchangjun, guoxuehong and Fu Ling, vice presidents of Zoomlion, Yuan Ye, executive deputy general manager of Zoomlion earth moving machinery company, and other leaders attended the press conference

Zoomlion earth moving machinery E-10 new release

Li Hongbao said that with the growth rate of infrastructure and real estate rising, infrastructure investment strengthening, and the state increasing investment in new rural construction and urbanization, the demand of the construction machinery industry has increased, and products have grown rapidly. In 2019, domestic excavators will enter a stable growth stage and maintain a good development trend. Zoomlion's new release of E-10 series excavators will play an important role in promoting the sustainable development of China's construction machinery industry and the improvement of its comprehensive manufacturing strength

Dr. Fuling, vice president of Zoomlion and general manager of earthwork machinery company, said in his speech that earthwork machinery company, as a key layout block of Zoomlion, fully relies on the group's advantageous resources and under the product research and development purpose of "technology-based and product-oriented", constantly promotes technological innovation and product upgrading. The E-10 series of new products is the ingenious work created by Zoomlion earth moving machinery company. She said that Zoomlion earth moving machinery Co., Ltd. will continue to innovate in product research and development, production and manufacturing, and market expansion, and will continue to serve our customers wholeheartedly as always

the vice president of Zoomlion and the company also announced the launch of visijet cr-bk. Dr. Fu Ling, general manager of Fangfang machinery company, delivered a speech.

according to the introduction, the E-10 series excavators cover a total of 9 models from ze60e-10 to ze485e-10, including small, medium and large models, which fully meet and adapt to various working conditions and customer needs. The new product has optimized the comprehensive performance of key components and parts such as power matching, hydraulic control, working device, cab, etc., with excellent performance such as reliable structure, intelligent and efficient, wide range of applicable working conditions, convenient maintenance, comfort and humanization, highlighting the R & D concept of "reliable and durable, fuel-efficient, convenient maintenance and comfortable improvement", highlighting the product competitiveness of Zoomlion earth

customers watch Zoomlion E-10 series new products

on the exhibition hall, E-10 series new products adopt Aurora green coating modeling, coupled with streamlined panel modeling, forming a visual impact with a full sense of science and technology. In addition to having a super high appearance value, this series of new products also have outstanding performance in economy. It is reported that the fuel consumption efficiency ratio of the new product is 10% better than that of similar products in the industry. The boom, stick and other key parts of the product have been fully tested and optimized in Zoomlion's "State Key Laboratory for construction machinery key technology", and the reliability has been greatly improved. In addition, the one-stop centralized maintenance can shorten the maintenance time by 32%, and save more than 50% of the maintenance cost for users

in the earth moving machinery exhibition area, the most in human-computer interactive dance

in addition to excellent product performance, the on-site activities are even more wonderful. At the press conference, "the most in human-computer interactive dance" is full of vitality and motion. "This research may make graphene a more practical functional material, making the new generation of E-10 earth moving machinery more high-end and fashionable." the "goblet folding" performance of "earth elf" ze75e-10 is even more amazing. The machine operator operates the bucket of the ze75e-10 excavator, uses the distance between the shovel teeth to cover the goblets, and stacks six goblets of the same size on five layers like a stack, and each cup also contains half a cup of drink. The precise and labor-intensive operation of the machine hand and the excellent micro motion performance of the product made the audience excited. The demonstration vividly illustrates the excellent quality of ze75e-10 "building spirit, fast or slow". In addition, the application scene of earth moving machinery was displayed on the scene, which brought a new experience to the on-site audience by restoring the scene working condition

"Earth Spirit" ze75e-10 "folding goblets" performance

application scene display of earth moving machinery

Zoomlion earth moving machinery also set up a 5g remote control experience area in the exhibition area. The audience can remotely control the excavators in Changsha demonstration base thousands of miles away in Beijing, experience the research results of Zoomlion IOT remote application from zero distance, and share the great changes brought by 5g technology to the future industry and life, The audience participated enthusiastically and received rave reviews

customer experience Zoomlion 5g remote control

in the future, Zoomlion earth moving machinery will spare no effort to improve the three core competitiveness of products, manufacturing and channels, create the full life cycle of products and services, cultivate a circle of win-win cooperation friends, create greater value for customers, and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results

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