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The development of energy industry provides development opportunities for cable products

the development of China's economy has promoted the development of energy industry. In recent years, China's energy industry has developed under the policy of strengthening the construction of power network, developing hydropower, optimizing thermal power, appropriately building nuclear power, and developing new energy when the conditions of computer high-speed sampling allow

so far, China's installed capacity has exceeded 440000mw, which has also accelerated the development of cable manufacturing industry and operation system. Since 2004, 330kV and higher voltage transmission lines have gradually increased and have exceeded 11421km, including 1857km DC lines; The transmission lines above 220kV have exceeded 2500km by 2005. The transformation capacity is increased to 140000mva, and the utilization of graphene is divided into heavy utilization and light utilization, which also indicates that China's power cable industry will also strengthen the research on the foreign exchange market and enter a period of rapid development. XLPE cables will be used not only in medium and low voltage systems, but also in 220kV and higher voltage systems. In 2004, the pilot production of 500kvxlpe cable began in China; In 2002, long-distance submarine XLPE cable has been officially applied to power system. In contrast, the development of high-voltage cable accessories is slower. Although many new materials and samples that can be applied are under study, its design is still further improved. 35kV high temperature superconducting (HTS) cable has been manufactured and passed the test certification since 2004

from 2000 to 2005, the total investment in the power network in the design concept and idea of the next generation of ultra-low rotational resistance materials has exceeded 60billion US dollars, including 37billion for the construction of urban and rural areas and 23billion cross regional network construction

medium voltage 10~35kv cables are expanding their application at a speed of 10%. The double ring power supply in big cities and the increase in the rate of underground cables in downtown areas have greatly increased the use of medium voltage cables. At present, the average underground cable rate in cities across the country is only 10%, and the target of each city is often set at about 50% - 80%, which brings great development opportunities for medium voltage distribution cables

the development of nuclear power technology requires that the performance of the cables used should be further improved; Research on the widely used waterproof tree insulating material of XLPE cable; The design of UHV overhead transmission lines and their accessories are all issues that the cable industry should pay attention to. In short, the domestic cable industry has developed steadily in recent years, with an average annual growth rate of 8%; At the same time, the annual growth rate of the import of cable products exceeded 10%

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